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My mother’s 64th birthday

Today is the 64th birthday of my late mother.  Although she is no longer with us, still we do celebrates her special day by visiting her at the cemetery and have a little feast at home.  We believe that she is still with us that is why we do celebrates her birthday and counting her age.  Every time her birthday comes, I felt sad because it reminds me of her and her teachings.  My mother did taught us good values and taught s to become a better person.  What I am now is because of my mother.  Her absence at home was a big lost for the family, however, looking at the good things she has left for us made us decide to go on with love and move forward.

We went to the cemetery with the kids.  When we arrived the kids did greet their grandmother a very happy birthday.  They helped me cleaning the grave and pulling out the grasses that grows beside her tomb.  I so missed my mother and always wish she is with us.  I spoke to her about our travel and asked her blessings and guidance while we are traveling.  I felt sorry she that will not going with us but thinking she is always with us feels good.

Happy birthday mother and I wish you were here with us.  Wherever you are, you will always remembered and loved by us.

Perfect gift for baby shower

In two months time, a friend will give birth to her first baby.  Before her due date comes, we wanted to throw a baby shower for her baby.  We wanted to welcome her baby with lots of wonderful gifts that the baby can use everyday.  My sister and I are thinking of giving her baby the best gift ever.  I wanted to give her a complete set of baby stuffs.  It is easy to find a gift for the baby because we already knew the gender of her baby.  The sister and I came up with the idea of buying a baby gift basket for her baby.  It is perfect gift because all the stuffs that the baby will be needing is inside the basket.  I am pretty sure that our gift would be one of the awesome gifts that a friend would be receiving on the  upcoming baby shower for her baby.   I am very much excited to give it to her as well as the sister.


Something on Valentine’s Day

As we all know, Valentine’s day is fast approaching.  Everybody is busy thinking of what would be the best gift they could give to their love ones.  I myself is having a hard time picking of the best give I could give to my love one on this very special day.   It’s my first time to give present to a man on Valentine’s day.  Quiet difficult because I do not know what he wants and what he likes.  As what I have noticed from my brothers, I can tell that it is hard to please a guy when it comes to giving gifts.  I was at the mall doing my window shopping when I saw rubber necklace at the jewelry section.  The styles are nice and unique.  I thought of buying one as my present to my love one this Valentine’s day.  I have now something to give him this Valentine’s day and I hope that he will like it because I like it.


Valentines day gift for her

Valentines day is one special day for couples.  It is the day were they spend time together and giving gifts to someone they love like girlfriend and wife.  Mostly, guys give gifts to their woman on this special day.  This is what I have noticed from the brothers who give gifts to their girlfriend and wife.  Thinking of what to give on this very special day is a bit difficult especially if you do not know what to give and if she likes what you give to her.  If you were thinking of giving your woman a nice gift for valentine’s day, sexy lingerie is a good option.  It would for sure make her feel sexy and beautiful.  One good valentines day gift for her.


They don’t accept cake order

The nephew will be celebrating his first birthday on Christmas day.  We have two more days to complete the things we need for the little birthday party.  We are almost done with the preparations.  It was very tiring but fun experience.  Yesterday, we went to Goldilocks to order a cake, but unfortunately they don’t accept orders on this month for the reason that their factory is a bit busy for the holidays.  We went to Red Ribbon but they have the same reason. Smiley   These two bread factory are famous in the city and they have bulks of orders during Christmas season.  This is the disadvantage when the birthday falls on the month of December I guess.

We went home sad because we are not able to order birthday from Goldilocks.  We will try again to another bread factory and I hope that there is bread factory that is not busy to accept out orders.  I am crossing my fingers because the cake is very important to complete the birthday celebration of my nephew.   Sad but we are hoping for the best.  However, we can still buy cake on his birthday but without the decorations that we want.  They can only put the happy birthday greetings.  I think it is better than nothing.  Next year we will order to make sure we have the birthday cake that we want. Smiley