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The kids at the parade

A week ago the city celebrates the 76 Araw ng Davao. I went to the city to see the parade on the street. At the parade I saw lots of drum and bugle corps from different schools in the city. Most of them are from grades school that makes the parade an interesting one. I say interesting because the kids are very much talented especially those who played the drums. They were so cute to look at dancing while hitting the drums they carry. The kids played dw drums guitar center. Their school only choice this brand because of the quality and the style. To me it is a good choice I think because the drums are very much attractive. And the look is a bit different from the drums that other schools are using.

Best time to buy

Because I love to sing a lot, I wish to learn on how to play guitar so that I can play anytime my favorite song/s. I can play the Cd tape in my DVD player though, but I guess it is best to play it on guitar sometimes. It would be a great feeling playing my favorite songs on guitar. I know some chords already and have tried played one of my favorite song before, using the guitar of a friend. I am planning to buy guitar for myself, I am just looking and waiting where to find cool discount guitars. It would great to buy on sale because I can get the item at a lesser price. Even though I am so excited to buy guitar, I still have to wait for the best time to buy guitar.

Almost all items are on sale

During holiday season, almost all items are on sale at the mall, department store, and in online store. This is what I like during this season because I can buy the things that I want at a lesser price. Because the store gives discounts, I want to grab the opportunity to buy my favorite orpheus valley guitars at guitar center. It is a good idea to buy now because they are on sale. It is my dream to buy guitar so that I can continue learning on how to play guitar. It has been a while since the last time I played guitar. I missed playing my favorite song on the guitar. Though I have lots of things to buy this Christmas, I still include this on my list and I hope that I will be able to buy this guitar soon. Thinking about it excites me because my fingers are excited to strum guitar again.

Looking for high-quality of music accessories

It is a friend’s frustration to put up a band and to perform on the stage. This is the reason he is practicing more on how to play guitar and other instruments with his friends in preparation for the fulfillment of his dreams to perform on stage even for one night. He works so hard to buy the things they will need to practice more like cables, pickups, and other music accessories. He is having a hard time of where to buy a high quality of musical accessories that is why I told him about the Dimarzio at musicians friend. I am pretty sure that he will get the best music accessories because he got the best manufacturer of music accessories. I wish my friend the best of luck and I hope his dreams will and true and I will get to see him performing on stage.

To accompany me at night

When I close my eyes at night, I am having some hard time to sleep. My sister says, I have and insomnia. This is the reason I always play the radio and listening to music till I fall asleep. But when the sister got married, I did not able to play the radio again because she brought it with her. Good thing my cellphone does have a radio feature. I just played it at night the listening to music. The problem is that I have to charge my phone everyday because the battery is exhausted when I wake up in the morning. I feel so pity for my phone that is why I want to buy new radio soon. I am searching of what would be the best radio to buy when I saw this kaossilator musicians friend. I like it because it is so cute and high technology. I know now what to buy to accompany me at night.