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Case for his guitar

The brother bought his old guitar three years ago. It has free case when he bought it; however, the case needs to be replaced because it has holes in some areas. It is made of fabric that is why it did not last longer. The brother now is thinking of buying a case of good quality so it will last longer. He likes the Tkl Cases from musicians friend. The case is really nice and you can make sure your guitar is protected because of the material and the kind of case it is. The brother does want a case to put his guitar and a case that he makes sure his guitar is safe. If you are looking for a case for your guitar, try the one that my brother wants to have for his guitar.

Added to my list

Few years ago, I started learning on how to play guitar. I was influence by my younger brother who is practising how to play guitar on his own. He just bought a book on how to play guitar since he does not have the money to go to guitar lesson class. Because I am intrigued, I tried once and end up like it. We only have one guitar, so I should wait till his done before I can continue practising. Unfortunately, I did not able to pursue it because I don’t have time lately. I want to continue doing it, but first I have to buy my guitar so I can practise anytime, anywhere. I have looked and listing the guitar that I want to buy. I have many on my list already but haven’t decided on what to buy yet. Since I haven’t decided yet of what to buy, I continue searching of what kind of guitar to buy. My recent search is the exceptional kremona guitar at Musicians Friend. It is really nice I must say. The guitar that I searched will be add to my list of guitars that I like. Hopefully, I can pick the one that I like soon so that I can start practising how to play guitar again.

Browsing in the internet while waiting for my sister

The reason why I decided to buy laptop is that I can carry it anytime, anywhere compared to my desktop. I do not need to worry if I am traveling or not at home because I can still do my online tasks because I can bring my laptop with me always. Anyways, one day while I am waiting for my sister to arrive, I am browsing over the internet. And thought of searching guitars since the brother is thinking of buying a guitar. I bumped into the Fox Oboes at wwbw. It reminds me of my uncle who used to play the same instrument at the church. Sadly, he is not playing anymore because he is old. This instrument is very unique and I seldom seen a woman playing this kind of instrument. If given the opportunity, I would like to learn how to play this instrument and own one someday.

Cymbals to use at the chapel

Once I was a member of choir in our chapel. It was a memorable experience for me. Unfortunately I am no longer a member for some reason. Every time we practice we just borrow cymbals from neighbour because the church does not have cymbals yet, though the chapel’s officers are accepting donations and do fund raising so the chapel will be able to buy cymbals. It would be nice to hear cymbals because it adds lively sound while the choir are singing during mass. When the fund is right, the officers at the chapel is thinking of buying the wuhan 18 china. The look is simple but it is made of good quality also, well hand-crafted. Hopefully soon the chapel will have own cymbals to use by the choir during mass.

The night before

Five days ago was the wedding day of my brother. We went to the province where his fiancee lives to attend the wedding and of course to witness the brother’s happiest moment of his life. We arrived at the place the night before the wedding. Because we are very much excited, we can’t sleep that night and we decided to stay up late and the brother played the guitar for us. It was indeed a memorable moment for the family because we had our simple bonding that night. Looking at the brother playing the guitar made me realized I need to practice more so I can play the guitar for them the next time we do the same bonding. However, before doing that I guess I need to buy gretsch guitars at guitar center so I can be more inspired to practice more. Since my time is limited, I need to manage my time and make a schedule so that I have time to practice playing guitar. I am crossing my fingers.