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Perfect gift this Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching. People are very busy preparing everything like buying gifts for their love ones, family, friends, relatives and special someone. Malls are crowded with shoppers. They are like panicking because Christmas is really near. If you haven’t decided of what present/gift that you are going to give to someone who is into music and loves musical instruments, check out musicians friend near you or online. They have wide choice of musical instruments to choose from. Surely the styles fits to that someone.

Music Hero Segment

I am one of the avid fan of the longest running noontime show in the country. I like the show very much because their segments and contests are unique. They really do research on every segment that they have. They make sure that audiences will enjoy and say wow. One of their newest segment is the Music Hero, where they are looking for young musicians under 12 years old. It is amazing to see young ones playing musical instruments. One contestant brought conn trumpet. He plays the trumpet very well. Truly a talented boy. I wish I am talented like them too.

Start buying things a their home

The brother moved out of the house for months now. He s starting his own family and starts buying things at their home. He is done buying furniture stuffs. Now he is investing on their sounds system. Knowing my brother,he would surely buy the best sound system for their home. And to make it more fun my brother wants to add the irig keys to their sound system. He will just download his favorite songs in the USB and he can listen to it anytime at home.

The best destination for musical instruments

I must say that shopping is fun and I like doing it. As much as possible I want to shop at a store where everything is. When my brother shared to me that he is looking for some musical parts I immediately search online for the best destination. Luckily I found the musicianfriend’s musical friends. It is indeed the best destination of musical instruments and parts. They have all that you need. I do not have to go out of the house because I can do shopping at home. No hassle, less tiring, not much time consumed and fun too.

The province traditional way

At the moment, I am at the province of my parents. In two days they will celebrate their fiesta. There a re lots of activity at the covered court, barangay hall and at the church/chapel. At the chapel, I seen the traditional way of offering prayers to the patron saint. The song of praise they are singing and the musical instrument they are using. I give more focus on the man playing the trumpet. He really plays well at his age. One of the musical instruments are the same as I seen at woodwinds brasswind. It gives good sounds and I am pretty sure it is of good quality.