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The helpful books for me

Even though we do not have good voice, my family is musically inclined. We love to sing a lot, listening to music and sometimes my brothers will play guitar while me and my sister will sing. This is how the family do the bonding I must say. This is the reason I so eager to learn how to play music instruments especially the guitar. Since I do not have the time to enroll in music class, I can do the learning at home. I just have to acquire the perfect music books to help me in pursuing my dreams to play music instruments especially the guitar and piano. When I get to find the helpful books to use, I can start practicing and learning so when the family will have jamming bonding I can play music instrument/s and at the same time their singer.

Added great sound from his guitar

The brother loves to play guitar ever since he was in high school. Persuaded by his friends to play guitar that is why he is practicing on his own. Indeed when a person wants to learn something he can have it through the determination and eagerness to learn. The brother is so eager to learn on how to play guitar. He uses his free time learning on how to play guitar. In just two months he knows how to play guitar. After learning how to play guitar, the brother’s project is to buy his own guitar. He saves money from his salary until he comes up with the amount of the guitar he wanted to buy. He plays guitar almost every night when he get bored.

As the brother is playing his guitar, he get bored hearing the same sound from his guitar. He wanted to hear sounds from his guitar that is different from the usual sounds. He wants to make it more live when he plays guitar especially when his daughter is listening. Sometimes his daughter sings while he is playing guitar. This is the reason the brother bought an Emg for his guitar. The sound is different now especially when plays an acoustic music. I can hear great sounds from his guitar after putting up Emg.

It Really Helps

Every time I feel sad, lonely, and bothered, I do listened to my favorites music to help me motivate and understand more about life. Music’s are the harmony of my bothered mind and heart. It really helps me to think straight because it makes me more relax. Thanks for the music because it is really inspires me to move forward.

My mind has been scattered for a while because of the bad storm that hits me. Broke my senses and concentration. I do not know why I let these things happen. No matter how much I wanted to go out I cannot because I was trapped. Feels like nowhere to run but I remember that music’s really makes me feel so relax and calm. I just listened to my favorite music and close my eyes to free my mind from those stressful experiences. I am so happy that I am okay now and feeling alive again. Bad storm caught me unaware and really messing up with my life. For you who did this to me, I am okay now and will proved you that you can’t make my life miserable.