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I am doing my online adventure when a friend of mine shared this picture to me. I saved it and would like to have it for my Blue Monday entry.

I have seen this many times in television back when I was younger up to now. I am dreaming to be in this place and have some fun. It would be a dream come true if this will come into reality. And only God knows if this dream of mine come true. Never the less I have a friend their who shared to me this picture and I would just imagine I am there and having fun meeting micky and minnie. This is my simple entry for this blue monday meme. Happy Monday everyone!

Last Sunday the whole family went to beach to celebrate the birthday of my sister. It is a post celebration but turns out a very memorable bonding by the whole family. We are taking lots of pictures and having fun. This picture I am going to share this blue monday really catches my attention. The girlfriend of my brother took it and it is really nice to see when the blue and white color meets. It is very nice to see scene like this, something we can think about. What is behind those color and if we ever go that far. I want to share this simple blue monday entry of mine.

Blue Monday #2: Blue Skirt….

Its Blue Monday once again and I want to present my humble post for that. I do not have a good camera that is why this poor picture of my niece is not that nice. I hope you do not mind this simple I am going to show you on this blue monday meme.

This is my niece taking a post on their school festival presentation. Not a good picture though but I am happy to show it to you. I am so happy to look at her doing her moves while dancing in the field. I was not able to take a picture of her while dancing because it is not allowed by the teachers. They do not want the kids to be distracted by those who taking pictures that is why taking taking near is not allowed. Nevertheless, her moves and cute dancing steps will remained in my mind. And their custome is the blue skirt made by their teacher. Simple but the color is so alive.

Yummy Burger at KFC…

Today I went to mall to meet my close cousin whom I never seen for a month. We do always see each other before but when she was working far from the city we seldom see each other. She texted me and told me that we will meet at the mall and her treat. They say, it is not good to say NO for an invitation so I said As for our snack, we do eat at KFC with my favorite burger. I really like th taste of their burger and I made my cousin like it too. We do a lot of talking while savouring the yummy burgers she bought for us. A wonderful treat from her and I hope it will happen again. I pray that the next time we do see each other its my treat.

This is my first post for the yummy sunday meme. I like to write and put yummy foods I have every sunday. Bona Petite, everyone!