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Blue Monday #34: New Layout

It’s been months already that I am dreaming to have this blog a new layout. A layout that I like and my choice. It took me months to save because I do have other expenses that always makes my wallet empty. I am glad that I am able save the money I earned from ghost writing. Finally, I have my new layout for this blog and I so much love it!




Since my other two blogs color is pink, I decided to have a blue colored layout for this blog. As blue is also my favorite color. Well, second to I am so happy looking at my new layout because this is the fruit of my labor. The photo above is the header of my new blog. Thanks Ryhanne..

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Blue Monday #33: Collections


I love to collect wedding giveaways since the day I received the first ever wedding giveaway years back. I love it because it gives me an idea because of the different designs. This collections help me develop my creativity when it comes to designing. Through this, I am able to design the wedding giveaways of my brother and sister’s wedding. I love doing it and I hope to make new designs in the future. The photo above is my newest collection, added to my collections.

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Blue Monday #32: The Reception


This was the reception of my friend’s wedding. It is her special day and so she wanted it to be perfect. Her wedding motif is blue because its her favorite color. All visitors are wearing blue dress. Have seen different shades of blue at her wedding and I must say it is beautiful.:-)

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Blue Monday #31: The Wedding Cake


This is the yummy wedding cake at my friend’s wedding. Fortunately, blue is her favorite color of all time. We call her wedding, The Royal Blue Wedding. My sister did have fun to take lots of photos with blue shades. Most of the invited visitors are wearing blue dress.

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Blue Monday #5: Blue Sky from Above

Let us paint the sky with blue shade. It is Blue Monday meme once again and I want to present to you my entry.

I was invited by a friend once to go mountain climbing. I do not have the courage to go up there because I am afraid of hieghts. I never know I missed this wonderful adventure while up there. He shared to me some of his pictures while they are having fun looking at the beauty of nature. I have a little regrets why I did not give it a try to join. Looking at the picture makes me feel sad because I missed the chance to be there and the feeling to be there on top and looking down. I can only wish for now since I have to conquer my fear first before joining them. Having this picture is an adventure also, while looking at it I am thinking I am there and embracing the beauty of nature. Happy blue monday everyone!