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I just have to be confident

After the brother told me that I will be the maid of honor on his wedding, I decided to lose weight a bit so that I do look thin when I wear the gown. I am not fat though, just that I have extras that is a bit visible and I want to get rid of these extra fats. I am doing my hardest to lose some weight for the last two weeks. I was able to control myself not to eat more during meal time. It is very difficult for me because eating is one of my passions. But I have to do it for the sake of the gown that I am going to wear. Also, doing it for myself.

Two weeks have passed and still I did not able to meet the ideal weight that I want. It is so frustrating however, I guess I am to blame for it because I did not omit the in between meal. Haha! Well, I do not want to starve myself and get sick after. So when I feel hungry I eat right away. I am guilty and I have to accept it. I do not have time anymore because the wedding is on the 15th of this month. I just have to be confident wearing the gown even if the extra fats are visible. I am used to it and guess just have to admit the reality that I love to eat.

To check my dieting program

To lose weight is what I am aiming this year. Very difficult decision to make because I have to say no to those fatty, oily, yummy, delicious and sumptuous foods. As of the moment, I am on my dieting program. My diet program is to eat less, no rice at night and less rice on breakfast and lunch. It is never easy I must say because I am craving for the foods that I love to eat every time I am into eating mode. So far so good, I am able to control myself from craving fatty foods and refrain from eating much. I do not know if there is improvement in my weight because I do not have a scale yet to measure my weight. I really need it to check my weight to see if there is changes and if my dieting program is effective. One of these days I will weighing scale for me to keep motivated to continue my dieting program.

Back to no rice policy

When it comes to sustaining my diet program, I always failed. I blamed to the yummy foods in front of me. haha! Well, I just cannot say no to them. For the past two weeks, I always eat more rice. “Extra rice” as the others used to call it. I can tell I am addicted to eat outside every time I go out with my sister. I know I have to blame myself from losing control, I just can’t help the craving for foods lately. Nope, I am not pregnant. lol Just into foods these days. I guess my appetite is so high that always pushed me to eat what I like. sigh!

Anyways, I have decided to end my addiction of eating much. I have to go back to my basic. My basic is no rice policy. No rice at dinner and less rice during breakfast and lunch. I have to go back where I started once again. Well, over and over again because I have the hard time in sustaining it. I have lost my patience I guess. I do wish I can make it this time. I really have to do it because I do not have budget to completely change my wardrobe. haha! Crossing my fingers…I really do hope I can pushed this through till I get back my 26 waistline..whew!

Blue Monday # 22: Weighing Scale

I am dying to loss some weight for health reason. I must admit it is an advantage if we are not too fat and not too thin. It is good to monitor our weigth and that is what I am doing everyday. I do not know what to share to you this week until I saw this little thing at my sister’s house. I did not notice this until today. My inspiration to see if I am gaining or losing some weight. To those who wants to lose weight, is this your inspiration too?