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Hello December!

Hello December, it is! Oh yeah, we are on the last month of the year. The time really flies so fast I must say. It has been like yesterday that we are celebrating Christmas and welcoming the New Year, now we are going to celebrate Christmas again in 23 days and will be embracing another year. People are very busy doing Christmas shopping buying gifts to their love ones, friends and relatives. Also, buying the things on their Christmas list. Seeing them, reminded me of my Christmas list and it makes me sad because I haven’t have enough to buy things on my list. I am in the middle of selecting what to buy first.

Anyways, I wish this month my online earning would be fruitful again for I have lots of stuffs to buy for my love ones and myself, though I am not planning to spend much this Christmas because I still have to save some for the rainy days. Buying some for my love ones is my way of showing my love to them and also sharing some to them. The feeling is wonderful if we are able to share our blessings.

How do you welcome December? What are your plans for this month?

He died peacefully

My cousin is suffering from serious illness for the past years. Even so, he never let his family know of the pain he felt inside. He is able to hide it perfectly. It is because he doesn’t want his family to worry too much. If you were to look at him, if you feel sorry for him because he looks really sickly. But he still manages to smile and make himself feel okay even if it is not. For the past weeks he is acting really strange. And when they asked him, he will say he is okay, he just can’t sleep. I guess he is really in pain. Until one day he asked his sister to bring him to the hospital because he can’t take it anymore.

When advice to be admitted at the hospital, he refuses. Instead, he wants to go home and be with his family. He also said that he is dying. Hearing him saying that he is dying makes his family cried. They don’t want him to give up but he just did. He said, he is surrendering his life to God. He accepted his fate and death. How brave my cousin is. For the remaining days and hours of his life, he is able to say sorry and thank you to his sisters, brothers and mother. It was really a heart breaking scene for his family. They were all crying looking at him fighting for his life. He indeed died peacefully I must say because he is able to say sorry and thank you to his family. Also, he told them to not cry and worry for he is fine.

The very important part of the body

Well, all parts of the body are important because each has their functions. However, the most important part that we should take good care of is our brain. It may look and sound very simple to us but inside it plays very important rule in our body and in us. Because everything that we are, we do, our feelings, behaviour, thoughts and the functions of other body organs works due the that very important part of the body, which is the brain. Without our brain we can’t do everything that we want because the brain isn’t working.

We also have to put in our mind the other functions of the brain such as the memory, mental alertness, vision and cognition. That is why the brain needs more nutrients for it to functions well. Though it will still functioning even without taking proper nutrients, but the development is very slow. An individual should start taking proper nutrients at a young age so the brain develops well. The DHA, Choline, Taurine, Iron and Folic Acid are the nutrients that our brain needs.

We are gifted with complete body parts by God that we should be thankful of. In return, we have to take good care of it, love it and cherish it. And we should use it for our good and goodness to others.

Selecting the clothes to give

Because Christmas is the season of giving, there are groups of people who are doing charity works by giving used clothes and foods for the less fortunate ones. It is a good way of sharing our blessings to our fellowmen. Even though the clothes are used, yet it is still usable because it is in good condition. In this simple way, we are able to make them happy by sharing what we have. I and my sister have been doing these stuffs for years now and it becomes a habit to me. The feeling is really great seeing their smiles after accepting the stuffs from us.

Today I am checking my closet to look for some used clothes that I am going to bring to the charity groups. I have noticed that I do not have many clothes in my closet to give because I have given several early this year. Even though, I will sort out my clothes and pick those I do not use much and give it away. It would be a tough job for me because what I have now in my closet are my favorites, maybe I will pick my less favorites. Besides giving something to less fortunate ones is a joy in our hearts forever.

Give her medicines

My sister told me that her babysitter is not smiling and when she is talking to her, she is not listening. She is afraid that the babysitter is burned out and thinking of leaving. She cannot afford it if the babysitter leaves again because she really needs a babysitter to watch her kids while she is at work. Because the sister is so worried, I told her that I will ask the babysitter of what is wrong and what she thinking so she won’t worry anymore. It took me two days to think of what to ask and tell the babysitter. I have to make sure that I ask in a nice way. I do not want to offend her.

Yesterday, I took the chance to ask the babysitter. Only to find out that she is not feeling well. She had fever that is why she moves very slowly. Her body needs to rest that is why she is not paying attention to my sister the last two days. How can we be so insensitive? Well, if she only told us that she is not feeling well, we would have given her medicine right away. After learning that she is not feeling well, I give her medicines and let her rest so she will get well very soon. I look after the nephews for two day so the babysitter well get more rest. I am glad that she is okay now.