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Stepped on the thumbtacks

Yesterday someone is knocking at the gate. I was cooking lunch then. I went outside to see who is knocking when I stepped on something on the floor. When I checked it, it was thumbtacks. Arghs! I hurriedly pull it out and squeeze the affected part my foot sole to let the blood out. The pain is bearable so I do not mind it at all. Few hours later, I feel that my foot is aching. I cannot walk straight because feels like it is swelling. I guess it is normal since it has wound. Still I am worried for infection because of the rusting thumbtacks.

When the sister went to our house, she noticed that I don’t walk normally. I told her of what happened and told me to take medicines for possible infection. I took medicine before going to bed. This morning my foot is still aching but bearable now. I can’t walk normally still but I am hoping it will get better soon and I am continuing taking medicines. Swelling foot because of stepping on the thumbtacks is painful but I am thankful that it was me who stepped on the thumbtacks and not the kids who are playing and running in the house.

Attending meetings at school

Attending meeting is not my cup of tea. It makes me bored because it will take hours to finish. Also, some of the topics being discussed are far from what is in the agenda. I am saying this based from the meetings that I have attended before. Though this is an opportunity to meet new people, and possible friends’ still it doesn’t interests me, at all. My brother is begging for me many times before to attend school meetings of his kids but I refused because I do not like attending meetings. I can’t relate too because I am not a

However, I guess this situation is an avoidable this year because I have attended two meetings already. I am running out of reasons to my brother anymore. Well, I think it is not fair that I am going to attend the school meeting of my sister’s son and will not going to attend at my brother’s daughter. So to be fair, I have attended both meetings. It wasn’t that boring at all now. I did have fun attending the meeting. I am able to meet new people too. But still I do not want attending meetings. I do hope no more meetings in the coming days, or months.

T.G.I.F it is!

This week is a bit tiring for me. I have lots of things to be done like cleaning the house, loads of laundry and look after the kids. I have not get enough sleep yet since the last family bonding at the beach. It was tiring because we have to travel far from the city but it is worth it because we did have our wonderful family bonding. It is good to be away from the city for a while and be free from busy and noisy city.

I patiently wait for this weekend so that I can have some time to rest and relax because I really needed it. I feel relieve when Friday comes because the day after Friday, there is someone who can look after the brother’s kids and also the sister is around to look after her son. I am free as a bird on Saturday but not all the time especially when the sister has over time job to finish and when the weekend nanny is busy. I am so glad that it’s T.G.I.F because tomorrow I’ll be going to meet a friend at the mall. It is time for me to unwind and pamper myself outside the house. No need to bring any kids because there is someone who will babysit them. The feeling is so wonderful to be able to have the feeling of being free. Thanks God it’s Friday!

She is an angel in disguise

Our short vacation at the province of my BIL in Trento, Agusan (Philippines) was a memorable one, memorable in the sense that we lost one of our bags. I was carrying three bags, the sister is carrying her two sons, the BIL is two big bags, and the babysitter is carrying three bags. I counted all the bags before we ride the bus that will bring us to the Trento terminal. When we arrived at the Trento terminal, we get all the bags that were put in the bag area. My focus is the three bags that I carried. I am counting all the bus while waiting for the BIL’s brother that will fetch us.

After 30 minutes of waiting, I noticed that one bag is missing. I asked the sister about the red bag that carried by his husband. One of our bags is still on the bus that is heading to Butuan. OMG! The sister’s and her husband’s clothes was there. We are arguing of how we are going to get our bag back, when the woman who is the passengers on the bus, told us that she has the mobile number of the bus driver. She seated beside the sister near the bus driver. The driver and she were talking while on the road and end up exchanging numbers. Good thing we have the same destination. I asked the number of the driver and tried calling it. The driver and I talking of how we are going to get our bag back. To make the story short, we are able to get our bag back. She is an angel in disguise I must say. Thanks to her.

Thanks for the gift

I have bragged in my other post that my birthday was full of surprises. First, was a surprise early morning greeting from my four years old nephew. I am so touched because he whispered on my ear while I was sleeping. Second, was a birthday cake from my sister. And lastly, a gift from a friend who is now living in the other side of the world. It was indeed a surprised because I did not expect that she would be giving a gift. She said sorry first for not greeting me on my birthday because she is busy with her work.

Even though it is late, she did greet me happy birthday and wish me all the best and happiness in life. Better late than never I must say. My birthday was a blast because of the unexpected things happens. To my friend Pinx, thanks a lot for the gift. I would surely buy something for me from the gift you sent. Also thanks for the friendship. I so wish that we will see each other again in the near future. I wish you and your family well and may God bless you always. Again, thanks for the gift my friend.