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I wish her good luck

My friend is married for 11 years now. She is blessed with two wonderful kids. She is a full time housewife. She take good care of her family very well. She has thought of working abroad years ago, but her husband is not allowing her. He said he will work hard for his family and provide the needs of the family. They are living the simple and happy life. However, their kids are growing fast. And soon her eldest will enter college. She wants her sons to finished studies till college because she did not able to attend college due to financial issues.

Thinking about the future of her sons and family made my friend decide to push through working abroad. Good thing that her husband said yes. The salary of her husband is not enough for college education of her sons. Her husband think about it and said yes. It is a very difficult decision for her but for the welfare of her family and future of her kids she will do it. Now she is in the agency to do some training. I wish my friend good luck. And I wish that she will succeed and may God bless her always.

Thanks God It’s Saturday

Because of the bad weather, I am not feeling really well. I have carried it for days. I can’t rest because of the kids, plus I have to send and fetch the four years old nephew at the school. Since their nanny left, I babysit them while the sister is looking for a new nanny. They have been looking for three months now and still haven’t found one. I do hope that they will find one soon so I won’t get very tired. Taking care of two and four years old kids is not that easy especially the two years old.

Anyways, I have waited for this day this week because I get to rest and sleep for hours. Saturday is my rest day. The sister’s rest day too. I do not need to take care of her kids because she is here. I am really glad it’s Saturday because I need to rest and sleep more hours to regain my strength and energy due to flu. Flu is killing me. I hate being sick that is why I am taking good care of my body, however this bad weather is giving me flu. I hope that I get better soon because nanny job will resume on Monday.

Badly needed a day off

I do not work in the company. I stay at home 24/7 except if I have an important appointment in the city. I take care of the house, my father, and my siblings kids, and the likes. Some says that I am no career woman. And the degree that I have finished is useless because I did not able to practice it. I am hurt but not angry because it is the truth and I respect their opinions. I may not be working in the company but the job that I did at home is no joke. It is tiring too and stressful too. But I am okay with it because this is my choice.

Serving the family is my happiness. Though there are times that I am complaining because I feel they are being insensitive of my feelings. Even if I am just at home, it is tiring too. Doing the same thing over again is stressful. Plus to rest day. I badly needed to unwind, relax and rest even just for a day. I am saying this now because lately I feel so tired. I want to rest and take a day off now. Away from the kids, house chores and etc. I only think of pampering myself. I really hope that I could take a day off this weekend.

Happy Wedding Anniversary

Today marks the 2nd wedding anniversary of my younger brother and his wife. We are happy that they are still together after all the trials and difficulties they have met in their first year of marriage. Yes, their marriage is not perfect because of the kind of trials that come their way but by the power of the love they have for each other, they overcome it. They commit mistakes, asking forgiveness and decided to start over again. Their marriage life was not an easy road to travel but they slowly coping it up. And we are so happy for them.

On their 2nd year of being together, I wish them all the best and happiness in life. I wish that they will be more prayerful and always put God in the center of their marriage so that when trials and difficulties knocks on their door, they are strength to fight back and cut those things that will try to ruined their happy married life. Too bad they live far from us, we can’t celebrate with them and can’t greet them personally. Even though, we are sending them message with our greetings and wish. I also wish that no more tears, quarrels and fighting. Happy Wedding Anniversary brother and SIL. God bless your marriage always!

Thank You, Goodbye!

I am shocked when the sister told me that the nanny will be leaving next time. She is only working for four months and now she is leaving. The sister do not want her to leave but after hearing her reasons, we felt very sad for her. She has to leave because her mother is in the worse situation. Her mother became insane when her father died. And her younger sister is sick. They need her there because her brothers cannot do it alone. She is in a very difficult situation. She doesn’t want to leave as well because she needs a job to support/help the family financially, however, her presence there is badly needed.

If I am at her shoes, I probably breaks down. I do not think I can handle it well. I might ask God why He let these things happens to me and to my family. I know asking God is not a good, but when you are in desperate situation you might. I can tell that she is a very strong person. At a young age, she did her best to help the family. She tried to go on and keep moving for her family. I wish her good luck and may God bless them always. I want to say thank you for the taking care of my nephews for the past four months, thank you for the services, for being a good nanny, and house helper. Thank you for everything you did for my sister and goodbye. God bless you always! Till we meet again!