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Thank God it’s Friday

Everyday I never forget to thank God for the gift of life. I thank God for giving me strength to be able to do my duties at home. Lately, I felt really tired maybe because I am not getting any younger. The kids are growing and very much busy making a mess that makes me so tired. Again, I am not complaining. This is just my way of releasing stress. Since I do not share these things to my sister. Writing is my outlet to make me feel at ease. It is very helpful that through writing I am able to release what I felt inside. It does help me a lot.

Anyways, I am really thankful today that it is Friday. I have waited for this week to end so I can relax and rest. I do not have to watch the kids because their mother do not have work on weekend. I am done with my laundry the other day, so tomorrow I have all the time to rest. I will wake up late like I used to do before. The house would be at peace in the morning tomorrow. Thank you God it’s Friday and thank you for the blessed weekend.

My Family’s weird dreams

Today is Sunday. As usual I am starting my day by going to church. I was heading to the bathroom when my father called me and told me about his dream last night. My father’s dream made me smile because his dream is me getting married. Funny isn’t it? He seldom shares his dreams but today he is sharing it to me because he dreamed of me getting married to a very small man. He said, in his dreams he said ‘why’. Why I am marrying a dwarf like guy. My father also wondering why he has that dreams. It even more funnier because the other day my older sister saw me in her dream getting married too. The weird thing is that she can’t see clearly the face of the guy. The face is so blurry to be exact. And when the guy came closer to her, she woke up.

The weird dreams of my father and sister happens just this week (today and the other day). Made me wondering what are they thinking before going to bed to have this kind of dreams. Maybe they thought of me getting married because all of my siblings are married and I am still single. Well, dreams do happens in real and I wish that their dreams of me getting married will happen this year, but please God not to a short guy, at least 1 inch taller than me.haha! And not blurry face. *wink

I want to believe that their dreams has meanings and I want to know. Is their anyone here knows how to interpret their dreams? *smiles*

My Birth Month

If there is one thing that I want to change it my life, it probably be my birthday. It seems like I aged very fast. After the new year celebration, and the first month of the year sets in, another year added to my age.haha You know I am just kidding, right? But if given a chance I want my birthday to be in the middle of the year.LOL Kidding aside, this month is my birth month. And I am so thankful to God for giving me another year of my wonderful life. Thank you God for the give of life. And I thank my parents for giving me life.

Yes, I am older and still single. To let the people know they will stop asking if I am married or not. I am single and happy with my life. Though there are times that I want to feel love by someone special, but unfortunately he is nowhere to be found.haha I am still waiting till God finished wrapping him up for me. I pray that God will send that someone to be this year. However, those longings are filled up with my family. I am so blessed to have loving and complete family. They are my life. They add wonderful story in my life’s journey. Thank you again for the gift of life and family. I wish myself all the happiness in life and better life in my online career. AMEN!

Thank you 2015

Before I say hello and welcoming 2016, I would like to say thank you to 2015. The year 2015 has been very good to me and to my family. The family receives lots of blessings from God. We encounter several problems, trials, and difficulties but we are able to overcome it. These things make the family stronger and hold tighter to continue living. There are instances that we want to give up and back out but through prayers we still standing and face it with full strength that comes from God. Also, 2015 makes the family closer together for we spend more time together, I mean quality time.

The year 2015 is not that good for my blogging career but still it is fruitful. My blogs are able to survive the year. There are times that I want to quit and give up some of my blogs because of the lack of writing jobs. However, unexpected writing jobs from direct advertisers come that helps me decide not to quit. Indeed, some things happen on an unexpected day and time. My blogs survives another year and will welcome new year. I am praying for prosperous blogging life this 2016. I promise to not be lazy this 2016, to get more blogging opportunity. God bless my blogging life. AMEN!

Your achievement is her achievement too

One of the greatest dream of all parents are to see their kid/s finished college and be successful in their field. It is the best reward that we could give to our parents. This is one of the dreams that my late cousin wants for her children. Unfortunately, she did not able to see her children finishing college because she passed away at early age. But, I am very sure that wherever she is now I am sure that she is very proud of her children for they strive hard to finished college and make their parents proud of them.

Just recently, one of her children passed the Electrical Engineer board examination. He did not just passed it, he is one of the top 10, top 8 to be exact. I really can’t believe that he will go this far knowing that both his parents died. The death of his parents made him to do better, dream big, aim high, and achieve his goals. Lots of opportunities are coming and more to come. I am so proud of him (my cousin’s son, my nephew) for his achievement. I am sure that his parents are very proud of him and happy for him especially his mother. His achievement is her achievement too.