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Couple’s Rings in Life….

When the two person in a relationship wanted a life together they will get three kinds of rings in life.  The rings that symbolizes their love and commitment to each other.  A ring that will tell and remind them the promises they made with each other.

The first ring is called, the engagement ring.  A ring that symbolizes that they have plans to make a life together.  The kind of life they wanted to have, and a commitment that they will be getting married one day.  It is a very sweet ring for a girl to have.  A ring that will tell the girl/woman that she belongs to him and choose him to be her man forever.

The second ring is the wedding ring.  A ring that is blessed by God.  It is a kind of ring wherein the two couple are bind together and considered one.  Given on their wedding day where they exchange vows to be together and be faithful to each other.  Two rings but are one because it is blessed by God, witness by a lot of people.  It is meant forever for they are fully committed and promised to love each other till there last breath.  A ring that symbolizes a new chapter of their life as husband and wife and have a family of their own.  It is a life that is full of happiness.

In life, couples will encounter lots of trials.  And this is the last ring, the sufferings.  They will be tested with this kind of problems.  Pain, trials, and difficulties.  These are the sufferings that the couple has to overcome for them to have a happy life together.  They are not expected to be happy forever after their wedding ring.  For they will encounter sufferings to prove how committed they are to the promises they made.  This will be the big test to them if they are going to battle this together or better end it for they cannot hold on. 

Life is never, we have to encounter those things to make us  a better and stronger person.  A successful couple are those who walk together, hand in hand and never let go.  As they are one, they will fight it together as one.  Showing the world that they mean it when they promised to be together forever.

It Aint Easy…..

As my friends says I am good at giving advices, so they seek advices from me.  I have wide understanding of some situation in life.  I do have this positive outlook in life.  No matter how difficult life is for me, I still think positive for me to go on with life.  Face difficulties in life with a smile  so that good aura will be on my side.  It is easy for me giving advices to a friend or to people but I cannot give advices to myself.  When it comes to me it is very hard to think straight. 

Family issues makes me weak and want to quit.  It ain’t easy giving advices when deep in my heart I have something to settle first.  But do not know how, when and where to start.  Today I felt like crying and I want to shout a loud to tell the people how I really feel.  They said it is hormones that strikes me today.  No matter how I tried to tell myself I am okay and I cant do it, I cannot.  It is very hard to tell I am okay when in fact I am not.  I want to share it to someone but no one to talk to so I decided to write it in here my feeling and emotion for today.  To make me feel relieved from this feeling I have inside.  After writing I hope I will feel better and have the strength to go on with life even if it ain’t easy.

Behavior Problem….

It is not easy being a grouchy girl and  always in a bad mood.  It is like you are in a situation where you think everyone is picking on you.  Because of our irritable mood, we are tempted to blame others.  Without knowing it is our attitude that bringing us into a not so good behavior.  We get easily annoyed and irritated because we are being impatient of having the things that we are craving for.  Try to consider that sometimes we could be responsible enough for making our life a one big mess.  We may think that all is against our way and opposite to what we want to happen. 

Each of us has different trials in life, bad news that come in our way, and disappointments.  Those things are irritating and we are being impatient because we are eager to fight it in a fastest way possible.  Dealing it really matters, if we are able to deal it grace and under pressure.  We are in control of what is happening in our life.  Instead of being irritated, we should try to evaluate it and we face it with a smile.  Telling those trials in life that no matter how big they are, we are in control and still can face it with courage and strength.  Face it with composure and embrace it with a smile.  No one can control our behavior but us and ourselves. Do not let our behavior control us for it will lead us to wrong direction.  We end up frustrated and giving up to fight in this so called,  behavioral problem.

Choose Your Battles…

Each of us has different battles in life that we have to overcome and surpass.  We have battles about life, family, friends, environment, people around us and trials in life.  There will be times when we are losing temper makes us freak out because it is too heavy to handle.  Giving up is the first thing in our mind that will appear.   And we rather stop trying and do not try to keep it going.  These are the things that will test ourselves from doing and achieving what we really want in life.  There maybe time when we lose control and confront or fights others.  We get into arguments, which leaves everyone irritable.  Which is not very good because it will be very stressful for us. 

If you choose your battles wisely, you will know how to handle everything.  You will find in yourself the courage to fight and do your best to win it.  Choose a battle that is very challenging to you.  That will surely mold you into a better and stronger person.  Choose what is very important to you, because it will be more effective to fight and you will surely have a big chance of winning it.  Stand up and be proud of yourself because you are able to succeed in those battles.

Unsung Writer…..

Writing is one of my passions in life.  I always write in  a piece of paper what I felt in everyday of my life.  I feel that by writing, I can be me and I can express what I felt inside.  Writing makes me feel I am free and I can be me.  I can share through writing my ideas and thoughts.  I find it easy to tell what is in my heart and I can be able to express the things that I want to keep it just by myself.  When I am not comfortable to tell it to someone else, I put it in writing.  I do have diary before but someone reads it and I lost the interest of having a new one.

I am so happy that my friend introduced to me this blogging career.  Wherein I can practice, express and share my hobbies in writing.  I will be able to enhance my talent in writing and at the same time I am earning.  I am interested in it, so I give it a try and be able to share what is in my thoughts.  I find it very exciting and enjoyable, being able to write my daily activities, experiences and my life.  Never would I thought I can be as open as this knowing that anybody can read it.  But I felt fulfilled and feeling like a true writer if I am able to touch my readers heart while they are reading my article.  I really like doing it, so I will succeed and find fulfillment in here.