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Failures in Our Life

In life we do have goals and dreams that we wanted to achieve in the future.   Aiming for success for us to have a better life ahead.  Having goals and dreams in life will help us to be more motivated and be more eager to make it happen one day.  To have plans about our goals and dreams are stepping stone to success.  

To get what we wanted in life is so difficult.  We will encounter many  failures in our life.  These are parts of our journey to success.  When we failed, it is better to continue moving and not quit.  Though it is not easy to do it but with positive thinking, we can take failures in our life as a challenge.  A challenge that we have to win and succeed.  Failures can also be a way to our success. Every failure is a stair to the top to get the success we wanted.  All has time and place.  We just have to strive harder, aim high, dream big, and pray more.  We may stumble because of failures but remember that we have the two legs to stand up again and face life again.  One failure is another challenge for us to become a better person.  Continue moving for at the end of darkest life, bright tomorrow will embrace us for sure. 

Life is Too Short…

This morning, while I am doing my online stuff I saw a college friend of mine is online on other networking site.  I am so happy because at last we are able to do chit chat since she is busy at work.  It is really meant to be that we saw each other online because she has a shocking news for me.  Our common friend died two years ago in Lebanon. 

I was really shocked because last week while cleaning my things at the house, the birthday card she gave to me fell in front of me.  I suddenly think of her and asked myself, where is this girl now?  My question has been answered today while talking to our common friend.  Vehicular accident took her life away from her.  It is so sad to know that when she was about to go to abroad she did have a misunderstanding with her mother.  I cannot believed that she even uttered to her mother not to go back to Philippines.  Well, it a matter of a short time she did go back to Philippines but inside the box.  I felt like crying because she was so young and have many dreams in life for her family.  A dream that vanished and slipped away with her.

Life is too short that we have to live with extra careful and in good relation with our love ones.  We never know what lies ahead of us and what life is instore for us.  As much as possible small conflicts should be settled before it’s too late. I just pray for her eternal repose and may she have rest in peace wherever she is.

Read Between the Lines….

Are we deaf? Insensitive? Or just do not have the courage to face the real situation in our life?  We oftentimes looking for some signs to tell us that thing are not going on our way.  Opted not to listen because it is very hard to accept that truth about life.  Wondering what is going on and why these things are happenings in our life.

Sometimes we are to blame of our action because we are insensitive.  What is happening in our life is the result of such action.  Some answers we are looking for are facing us already trying to wake us up because we are in deep sleep.  Life is a continues journey all we have to do is to read between those lines that are knocking on our doorstep.  We just needed to look around for us to see what is  in-store for us behind those doors.  Explore and we will see that life is better when we open those doors.  Never be afraid to try new things for it is for the better.  Life is what we make it, read between the lines and we will hear the beauty of it.

Wrong side of the bed…

I sleep late last night because I am not feeling well.  Even if I want to close my eyes, my mind is thinking somewhere and fully occupied.  Some things happen in my life that bothers me and I cannot think straight because of it.  At around 2 in the morning my eyes wants to close and my mind telling me to go to sleep and get some rest for tomorrow is another day and another battle. 

I did sleep well last night but wakes up on the wrong side of the bed because I am still not feeling well.   A little moody because I want to sleep but I cannot go back because of noisy sorroundings.  I try to embrace this negatives thoughts that comes into my mind.  Even if I wakes up on the wrong side of the bed, I want to invibe positive things and count my blessings.  I greeted my morning with a smile though it is very hard so that it wont ruin my intire day.  Life is a wonderful journey, walk with a smile and loving heart. 

Hold on…

In the midst of all the challenges in life, we should keep holding on.  Almost all people in the world are into this kind of situation.  Battling for their life to survive and overcome the challenges that comes left and right.  Living in the world today is not easy anymore just like before.  The trials that people are facing today are double.  Smiles are very hard to find for people are struggling for them to survive.  Especially those who are below poverty line. 

Our family is not exempted to this.  We are battling different trials.  Sometimes misunderstanding occurs but we still holding on and keep the fight together.  It is not easy when the family is not in good terms.  Doing things individually is not helping in solving the problem.  Seems like holding on is slowly fading.  Almost giving up and walk away from all this things.  It is frustrating to see that some members of the family wanting to let go.  Stop the fight and go somewhere. To some, walking out is the best thing to do to free us from pain.  Family bond is important when these things happens for it will make them more closer, keep the fight, stand still and hold on.  God sees who keep the faith and trust in Him.