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Why and Why?

I have encountered many challenges in life since childhood. I am able to face it with the help of my brothers and sister. They are my wings and strength to go on with life. My mother passed away when I was nine, since then we promise to help each other through thick and thin. We are able to overcome because we do share a thing that bothers us.

Now that we are older and some have families of their own, I feel so lonely and alone. There are lots of things that bother me right now and I needed an outlet to let it out. I am shy to share it to them for some reasons. There are lots of why’s that are running in my head for the past days and until now still searching for answers. Even though I am smiling, deep inside I am crying out loud. My friend told me to go out, unwind and refresh myself because it helps a lot to lighten the burden. She is the only person I have talked to and shared some things that are happening in my life right now. I hope that she wont get satiate in listening to my miseries and can still offers her shoulders to cry on. I can feel she understand me more now than my brothers since my sister is busy in her own family. God give me the strength to go on finding the answers to the entire why’s that bothers me.


Looking Back….

While I taking my father a bath this morning, memory comes back when I saw my father doing the same thing to my sickly mother. I was only nine years old when my mother got very sick. I cannot help my sickly mother because I am too young to do it. I am thinking if my mother will still alive I can take good care of her when she is in need. I miss my mother so much every time I saw mothers with their kids.

I saw my mother before in a worse condition, all I can do it to watch her and cry seeing her in pain. I felt so sorry for my mother because my sister and me are too young to take good care of her. It is my cousin who takes good care of my mother. While sitting, I am looking back from our life before. It is still fresh in my mind the condition of my mother before. And looking at my father now, nothing is different. They both need our help, care and our love. If only I could turn back the time, I will take care of my mother like I did to my father. I didn’t give the chance to do it because I was too young. I am taking good care of my father the past week, and every time I touch him I always remember my mother and I always think that I am doing the same thing to my mother.

Love Yourself

God has given us the most precious gift. It is the gift of life that we have to take good care and enjoy. Since it is His gift to us, we should love it and treasure it. Whatever we do to ourselves, we are doing it to him. We only have one body and it is right to value it. It is a privileged to have given such a precious gift like this that we have to make the best out of it.

I am saying this because I have observed some individuals who do not value their life that much. Drink too much, work too much, and do not eat well. Though their are many reasons why they are doing it, but I think it is our duty to take good care of this life and body that God has given to us. It is very true that working hard for the family is good but our body needs to rest to regain the energy. How can we work if our body is not cooperating due to too much tired? No matter how much we work hard if only the mind is working because the body is weak, it is useless. No one will love us and take good care of it but us. Because we know and feel when we are tired and needed to get some rest. Too much of something is bad if it is our life is at stake. Value the life and love yourself. God bless everyone!

Thing that makes us go on

Life is a continuous journey. Trials, difficulties, blessings and happiness are part of what we call life for without it we will never know the true meaning of life. Life is never easy because we will encounter lots of challenges. Challenges that make us strong and determined to get what we are aiming for. No one really knows what is ahead of us. It all comes in an unexpected date and time because life is full of surprises and mysteries.

Having said that, what really makes us go on with life? There are many reasons to inspire us to go on with life. One perfect example of that is when we wake up in the morning. If we were to realize, each day is a blessing from God. It is a blessing because we have given another chance by God to do what we wanted to do, achieved what we are dreaming of and to finish the unfinished business we left behind.

Life is a long journey and never ending journey. It is a mystery to discover and an opportunity to embrace. No reason to not go on because we have all the choices to go on and continue moving.


Thursday and it is time to be thankful once again. And for my Thankful Thursday entry thie week, I am so thankful to God for giving me another year of my life. Last week I am celebrating my 32nd birthday. Yes, it is my 32 years of existing here on earth and I am so thankful to God. The past years of my life is so meaningful, full of memories, tears, sadness,happiness, loneliness, failures, trials,challenges and success. These things makes me who I am not today. Makes me a better and wiser person.
As I am on my 32 years here on earth, I want to make my life a little better. Praying for more blessings from God, good health and always happy with my family. Neverending thank you God for another year of blessful life.