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How does it feel?

Back when I was still in college most of my classmates are from the province. They just live in the boarding house or in the apartment because their province is far. I am amazed because aside from living alone in the boarding house/apartment, they are also far from their family. They not only battling the subjects at school but also battling the loneliness and sadness because they missed their family and love ones. I never imagined myself living alone because I am close to my family. I am fortunate enough that I live in the city.

I do not have any idea of how does it feel to live alone and far from my family. I know it is very hard especially when we are sick and no one will be there to take good care of us. Being sick is the thing that is very difficult for our body is weak and helpless. Thinking about it makes me sick but so I never tried it even before.

Right now, I feel the need to be away from my family for a while. I just think of living far from them for once. I guess I need some space to breath and being myself for the first time. I am still searching for the best place to stay and very convenient for me. I will for sure miss them but I am doing this for myself and for them. It is for me to test the feeling of living alone.

Busy cleaning

It’s been three days since the flash floods washed out properties and killed residents in some areas here in the city where I live. I have seen the damaged of flash floods in the news. I didn’t see it personally since my place is not that close to the affected areas. Today, when I went to the city I passed by on the affected areas. Their situation is very bad; some are still trying to locate their things, and trying to find things that are still usable. The victims are busy cleaning their things, and the place where their house is used to be standing. It is good to see that despite what had happened they can now manage to smile and have the courage to go on with life. They are trying to build again their home sweet home in the safe areas. As they are busy cleaning, they are smiling and full of life. This is a good attitude to have for a victim.

Second Chance of Life

One reason that I do not want to watch news on television is to see people are dying because of accident. It makes me feel sad because their life are wasted because of others carelessness. But today I did watched after hearing my sister’s story that she saw a road accident on her way home from work. The truck loss the break that caused the accidents because the driver cannot control it because the position of the truck is came from elevated road. The truck dragged the taxi cab, a public vehicle and bump in front of the bus.

The rescue brought the victims to the nearest hospital except for the lady who is dead on the spot. Looking at the taxi cab and the public vehicle, you wouldn’t think that there are lots of survivors. The conditions of the drives are worse but they are stable now. This is their second chance of life that God has given to them and to those other victims. God has plans for them that are why they have given another chance of life. It is a blessing indeed and I wish they take this advantage to go good and better in life.

To love and be loved

To love and be loved is the wonderful feeling a person could ever felt in her/his life. It is a mixed emotion of happiness and inspiration. All are wanted to feel this feeling because this is the best way to show that a person is important and cared. But this feeling could be the saddest also if it is unrequited love. Loving someone who does not even care for us is more painful and no one wants this to happen to them.

We all wanted to love and be loved in return, but you have to love first yourselves before loving someone. Because it is difficult to love someone if you do not even know how to love yourself first. As they say, ‘ you cannot give what you do not have’. And so it should start from ourselves for this is the basis of the kind of love that we can give to someone. Also we have to be ready and prepared all the time because love can be painful especially if it is ended. And this is the saddest part of it and acceptance is the key to move on and be ready to love again.


Picking up the pieces

After the storm, there is indeed a rainbow coming over me and show me the bright light of a better and happy tomorrow. Enough of being sad and mourning over things that won’t comes back. Heads up and move forward is what I am doing right now. Picking up the pieces of me that has been scattered for days. It is time to embrace the beauty of life no matter how sad it is. Tears are part of life and will for sure helps us to become stronger and wiser person. In life, we sometimes have to be broken for us to be whole again and continue fighting of the difficulties in life. Living in this world isn’t easy I must say, because there are lots of people who will hurt us to pull us down. I am there and I am sorry to tell you that you’re not going to succeed.

The tears that I have shed will be my strength to move on with life. I will for sure patch these pieces of me and start my journey again until the day I am able to say I succeed.:-)