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Forgot the Password

Last month, my father open an account in the bank. He gets a bank book for over the counter withdrawal and a ATM card for emergency withdrawal. Since I am the one keeping the ATM card, my father decided to let me make the password. I am so happy that my father trusted me his money. We usually withdraw some money together over the counter. We have not use the ATM card yet until today.

My father told me to withdraw some money in the ATM machine today. After the dinner date with my girl friends, I went to the ATM machine to withdraw some money. I was accompanied by my friends because it was my first time to withdraw in the ATM machine. I am scared that the card will not go out when I inserted it. So to make sure I bring my friends with me. I was in the process of withdrawing the money when I stopped for a while because I forgot the password. How could I withdraw the money if I cannot remember the password? As I remember, the password was the birthrate of my father. But the machine did not accept it. I did not able to withdraw the money because I cannot recall the password. I wish I write it on the note just in case I forgot it. Well, the damage is already done. I will try to remember the password and I hope by tomorrow I have it already.

Successful Operation

October 15, 2011, Saturday at eight O’clock in the morning was the scheduled operation of my nephew. We have mixed emotions when the hospital stuffs and the doctor went to our room and get the nephew. We are so worried and have negatives thoughts because we are really scared because the nephew is too young to undergo operation. It was a major operation that makes us so worried. The operation lasted for an hour. The brother-in-law waited outside the operating room while the sister is keep on praying on the room after fixing the papers for the insurance.

It was a relief when the brother-in-law messaged my sister on phone that the operation is a success. We just have to wait for the nephew to be awake before bringing him to the room. The worried face of my sister fade away after hearing the very good news. Thank you Lord was the first words that we utter after successful operation. The nephew is indeed a fighter and a brave little boy I can tell. He is now doing well and can move without any pain.

To my friends who prayed for the success operation of my nephew, thank you very much. Your prayers give us more strength and keep believing that God will always be there. You know who you are, thanks a lot.

Can I Help?

I was happy because I do not have any appointment to do outside the house. I can now does my loads of laundry. I have many dirty clothes from my short travel a week ago. I did not able to attend my laundry because I have busy schedule lasts week. I am glad I am finished the things that I need to settle immediately. Time for me to relax, stay at home and do my stuffs online. I sleep early last night because I have to start my laundry early to finish early also.

My nephew was still sleeping when I am busy doing my laundry. I am in the middle of my laundry when he woke up. Gosh! The gremlin is awake and I am pretty this little boy will bug me. He came near me, looking at me and utter ” Can I Help?’ As if he knows what I am Even if I said no, still he wants to help. Well, not really helping. He is just playing with the clothes. He steps into the basin and wash himself…grrrrr I was not able to finish my laundry early because of my little nephew. Yes, he did help me in messing with the clothes, playing with water, soap, and wash himself together with the clothes. I just let him enjoying himself because he is just a child.

To Get Rid of Razor Burn

My father and brothers have tried using different razor blades in shaving their beards but still has not found the best one to use. With the latest razor blades and cream that they used, still they are suffering from razor burn. I do not have any idea of how painful it is, but by looking at their faces I can tell that the pain is not easy. Sometimes I think I am lucky I am not a guy or else I will experience the pain they felt from razor burn. I was looking through the razors, and it is not in good quality and the creams are not good for their type of skin.

Seeing the razor burn on their faces after shaving makes me sad. I wanted to help them that is why I am looking and searching for ways on how to get rid of razor burn. It is really important to know the ways to prevent razor burn and at the same time knowing on what should be the right thing to do in shaving. It would be best to see them smiling after shaving and free from razor burn. Now that they know the right ways in shaving, I am pretty sure they can now gets rid of razor burn for life.

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I Am In Love!

This is what I said to someone who always asked me if I ever felt in love. A very common question for me to answer. And same as before my answer is, “Yes, I am in Love”. I am in love with my life, my family, the blessings I have received, my work and especially to God. There are so many reasons for me to felt in love. Seldom noticed by many because they are focus only on one thing. If we are to look around, we will see those things that we neglect to appreciate.

Each day is a blessing for me and I never failed to thanks God each day I wake up and see the sun shines again. No matter how big or small is that blessing, I can tell that I have the same level of appreciating it. There are ups and down in life and those are parts of life. Part of life that we can get strength, inspiration and energy to go on. Life is too short, so enjoy, appreciate and love every bit of it.

If I were to ask you, are you in love? God bless everyone!