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Give me a break

I just got home yesterday morning from long travel all the way from Bohol to Davao (Philippines). I wanted to take some rest and more time to sleep after hours of travel. However, I was not able to take a good rest because I have to attend two kids of my siblings. I have to keep myself awake while the kids are awake and I am so tired. Good thing it is weekend and I can have rest because someone will look after the kids.

I woke up early today because I have lots of laundry to do. I need to start early to finish early because I have an appointment to go to the mall to meet a friend. But sad to say I might not able to go out today because no one will look for the kids. That someone that supposed to look after the kids has her appointment and gone early.

I was doing my laundry while the kids are playing. They are fine at first but after a few minutes of playing they are fighting.arghs! Gosh, give me a break! How can I finish early if I am going here and there from time to time? How I wish my brother and father will help me in looking after the kids while I am doing the laundry. Good luck to me and I hope I finish on time.

Because my brother was rushed to the hospital three days ago, I spent my weekend here at the hospital attending him. My plans to go to the mall and unwind were not push through because my brother snatched my plans. I am not upset though, just that I do not want to be in the hospital not unless I am attending a new born baby. I have been in the hospital attending my sister and my sister-in-law who gave birth and the operation of my father and I am not bored because I am not alone attending the patient. Unfortunately, I am the only one attending my brother in the hospital. I do not have someone to talk to because my brother is always sleeping. I am going here and there to buy medicines that are prescribed by the doctors. Even I have my laptop with me I felt so bored. Three days and two nights here makes me so bored.

Tomorrow will be the last laboratory examination of my brother and I pray that the result is positive so that we can go home. I cannot stay another day here because it is so boring and the cold from the a/c is killing me. I really want to go home and have a good night sleep on my bed. I am missing my pillows, blanket and my bed which I share with my nieces.

Upcoming Girls Scout Camping

The nieces will go to attend their first girls scout camping this weekend. They are going to stay at the school for two days and they are very much excited about it. They’re excitements affects the whole family because they keep on bugging and asking what are the things they will bring. I remember when I was at school and wanted to join girls scout camping but did not able to attend because of financial matters. I want my nieces to experience camping because I missed it when I was little.

I am too is excited to their upcoming girls scout camping. I want them to experience how is it that is why I am helping them in the preparation of their things. It is their first time to attend so I want them to have the best experience ever. They have lots of things to bring like foods, clothes and personal belongings. And since their parents are both working, I am helping them in their preparation. We have to make sure that they have all the things that they needed because they will be at the camp site for one night and two days. Tomorrow we will start packing their things because they are very much excited.

Back to city life

I am so refresh after having my three days vacation at the province. I am glad that I am able to rest well and feel so relax from the busy city. It is good to be away for a while from the usual routine I done at home and online. I did not bring my laptop with me because the province is so remote and no internet connection available from my internet provider. I am a bit sad but a good way to relax from eyes from facing the computer and rest my fingers from typing.

Just this afternoon I got back home from my vacation. Back to city life now and my day would be busy again starting tomorrow. I have loads of laundry waiting for me in my basket, cleaning my closet and cleaning my messy room. Yes, I did have a good time at the province but after coming back home, lots of things to do. I started making up tonight from the days of absence in updating my blogs tonight. I so missed writing an update for my blogs. I am so far behind that is why I am making up tonight. Good luck to me because as of the moment I am so sleepy…sigh!

An Event to Remember

We do want to do some fun once in a while to unwind ourselves from stressful day and for being busy at work. Pampering ourselves from joining an event is a good way to release our stress and be relax. I have seen this Tomato Battle in the USA event only on television and in the news. By looking at it I can tell that this event is one of a kind because everybody are having fun and enjoying in the event.

This is indeed an event to remember because they are doing this event every year. This year tomato battle is here to bring enjoyment, fun and smiles for everybody. The fight of fun and smiles are being seen in the Tomato Battle in the USA. The La Tomatina is one of a kind event that every should try once. Never miss to come to visit because there are plenty of things to do to make your day a memorable one. Throwing tomatoes to one another will make the town red and will give participants a good reason to smile.

This event is so perfect for everybody to unwind and enjoy. I would love to be in this place and make my day a wonderful day. I am 100% sure will remembers this event for the rest of my life.