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Having my midnight snack

I have lots of stuffs to finished online. This only means one thing, I have to stay up late tonight. I am used to it though, but I think today I need to sleep early for me to not feel tired for tomorrow’s recognition day where the nieces enrolled. Midnight is one of the dangerous hours I think because this is the time that my stomach feels hungry and it craving for foods. Just right now, I am craving for burger. Perfect because my father brought a hamburger this evening when he arrives from the city. I am happy thinking that I will be having hamburger for my midnight snack.

I do not have to crave for something because I already have hamburger for midnight. Gosh! ruined my diet again. I really find it hard to control eating because I cannot stand the feeling of an empty stomach. I am done eating my midnight snack. I am now back to my writing mood. I wish I will finished this all. It is not easy though but I will give my 100% to do this because I won’t be on for tomorrow.


Facing up the failure

As we all know failure is inevitable. It happens unexpectedly and we are off guarded. It does affects our priorities in life especially when we are not able to handle the failure well. Failures has different level. There is failure that easy to handle and some are not. This makes the situation well, and will ruins our depositions in life. The worse scenario is that some gives up their life and do not wish to move on. Not a good attitude that needs to be solved for the individual to continue moving and do not wish to stop.

Failures affect our priorities in life because when failure comes,we may lost focus and concentration. We do not know what to do to make it right. We tend to let it control us instead of making it as a tool to strive hard and do better next time. We have to keep in our mind that failure is somewhat a trial for us to test our eagerness to achieve our goals and ambitions in life. Facing the failure with happy face and embrace it with all our hearts. Talk to the family and share your concerns and things that bothers you/us. This is the proper way of facing the failures in life.


The Lifestyle Diseases

There are lots of diseases that arises nowadays. It is scary because it is not just a simple diseases. It is deadly one that is why we have to take extra careful. And we often wondered where would this diseases came from. There is air born diseases, bacteria, foods that we eat, hereditary, mosquitoes and the likes. These diseases are alarming but with the help of medications, these can be treated. However, there are diseases that are hard to treat and it is also alarming. These are the killer diseases that we get from the kind of lifestyle that we have.

Is is true that the most common diseases that could possibly kill us is related to our lifestyle choices. Sometimes it is hard for us to understand where we get the diseases, but if we have to examine ourselves we will know the reason why. The lifestyle diseases are the leading killers of today like cancers, diabetes, stroke and high blood pressure. Still wondering? Come to think of it, these diseases lives in our body due to the foods we eat and our lifestyle. We are the one who made these diseases. It is curable yes, but dangerous because these diseases are secret attacker. Even though we take medicines, still we are at risk because of how we live. I can say that many are sufferings from lifestyle diseases, and I hope that we are aware of that for us to make changes to our the way we live.


It’s time for reconciliation

The catholic believers are now in their Lenten season. The season of repentance, reconciliation and surrendering ourselves to God. This is the best season for us to bring back the relationship that has been broke because of misunderstanding, fighting and the likes. The churches are conducting series of seminars, recollections and reflections for us to lessen the hurt, move away the grudges and anger in us. I have participated in this act before and I can tell that these are the best tools to use for us to forgive and forgets. Living in hatred and grudges will not letting us moving on in life because we have unfinished business to settle.

This year, Lenten season has just started. And catholic believers are encouraged to participate the programs that the churches are conducting. This is the time of repentance and reconciliation. Let us not put grudges and hatred in our hearts. It is time for us to let go and talk to the concern parties whom we have misunderstanding. This is the best thing to do for us to live a happy and meaningful life. Having the feeling of hatred and grudges will never give us peace of mind because we know in our hearts that there is someone out there we caused pain or vice versa. Let us give some time to meditate and do what is needed to be done as christian.


The niece’s first communion

PhotobucketToday is the first communion rights of the niece. One of the event that she is waiting for this will be her gateway to taste the consecrated host that the catholic shared as body of Christ. She is very much excited on this event especially that her mother bought her white dress and shoes for the event. In fact, first the dress more than once and always look at it inside the closet. So funny to see her keep looking at her white dress and fitting her shoes. She is also done memorizing the words she has to say when facing the priest. The niece is a bit shy so I wish her best of luck.

I missed her first communion because no one will look after the baby. However, I heard from SIL that it went well and the niece has conquered her fear to face the priest. Which is normal I guess because I feel the same when I had my first communion years back. Though I missed the event and did not able to take pictures by myself, I told SIL to take some so that she will have remembrance of the event and also for me to have a photo to share her. The photo above was taken in the middle of the mass.