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The meaning of colored candles

The Baclayon Church was one of the places in out itinerary last summer escapade. It is one of the oldest church in Bohol, Philippines. I have heard so much about this church that is why I am so eager to visit the church one day. True enough, I did visited the church last summer. I am so happy that at last I get to see the beauty and miracles that the church’s has. When I am about to enter inside the church, I saw a big banner with colors and writings. When I look at it closer, I saw the writing ‘Meaning of candles”. Awesome right? There is a woman here sitting and selling different colors of candles. It is up to you what you think is the best color to choose. But you have to read the meaning first because it does help.

Before I read the writings about the meaning of candle, I already knew what color to pick. I go for pink because pink is my favorite color. When I read the meaning of the pink candle, I smiled because it fits for me. I then light the candle, utter some prayers and then go inside the church. It was a very nice experienced to visit the oldest church. I do hope I will be able to come visit again the Baclayon church.

See the meaning of the pink candle? That’s my pick. What about you? What color you think is best and fits to you? Read the meanings and start lighting of candle now.

She loves to go to fortune teller

I have a friend loves to go the fortune-teller. She goes there every time she is confuse and wanted to have at least an idea of a certain things. She goes there especially if she wants an answer about her current love life and career in life. There is nothing wrong about it I guess, because at some point it makes us aware of somethings. Also, we can get idea of what should be done to have and get what we wanted. There are lots of people who believes in fortune-telling that is why they go visit psychics and asking questions about their love life, career, job and business if they be successful in these fields.

Going to fortune-teller is not for free. My friend has to pay money every time she go to the fortune-teller. She told me it is worth it because she is satisfied with what the fortune-teller is telling her. Because she has to pay money every time she go there, my friend stops going there for now. Times is really hard that is why she set aside going to fortune-teller for a while. She misses going there especially if she is confuse of certain thing and want some answers. But she has to control because she does not have extra money to pay for the fortune-teller. Good thing there is available free psychic chat online. My friend can talk to psychics anytime and any day she wants at home.

Keep the faith

As usual, I started my Sunday by going to church early in the morning. It is my way of saying thank you God for the gift of life, blessings, and good health. Going to church is not an obligation to do, however, it is right to give thanks to the person who gave us lots of blessings in life and that is God. When I wake up early this morning, I felt lazy after hearing that some member of the family is not going to church. My sister and her family will attend the 10:00 am mass. I felt guilty after telling my father that I do not want to go to church because the mass will only take an hour. It is so unfair if I will not give that precious hour to God and listen to the His words at the church.

It is good thing that I decided to go to church because the gospel for today is very touching. The ‘keep the faith’ gospel is so perfect to everybody. I said it is perfect because there are lots of trials, difficulties and hardships that people are facing now. Things that will weaken us especially those whose determination and willingness is not that strong. Some do give up and some continue moving. Life is so beautiful whether it is good or bad. It is the matter of handling it the right way. We do felt like giving up but if we keep the faith in God and ask for guidance all will be fine. We may not receive the answer we wanted right away, but knowing that we keep holding on and believing in God all will be fine. Just keep the faith.

Sacrifice: Simple and meaningful

Sacrifice, is the God’s word for today. It is a very simple and meaningful word that we should think about. When we say sacrifice, it means pain, trials, difficulties and tears. The things that we do not want to experience. Who would want in a difficult situation? No one I bet because this situation is hard to handle. It needs lots of patience and love in their hearts to make a little sacrifice. To sacrifice for someone else is very difficult because we have to give way to our dreams to help and do favor to others. A very humble decision that God loves us to do to our love ones, relatives, friends and to everybody.

I did my reflections after hearing the gospel of today at church. Makes me think of the sacrifices that I made in the past. My sacrifices were not enough I bet compared to what God has done for us. Jesus is the best instrument and inspiration in our life. He is the perfect example of the word sacrifice. He has done many things for us, even His own life. Thing that we human cannot do. However, we can make sacrifice to others. All we just have to do is to think of how blessed we are and fortunate we are. We then can start doing good things to others. Nothing compares the happiness in our hearts when we can help others. Sacrifice is simple words but meaningful because giving up of something to give it to others is a very difficult. God bless us!

All by myself

I so missed being myself. Going outside of the house alone, go somewhere and enjoying the day without the kids to watch and not thinking of the time. This is what I did yesterday. Yes, I went to a friend’s birthday celebration. Stayed there for almost four hours and decided to go to the mall after. I did have a good day at the mall. Doing the window shopping as usual and if I like a certain thing, I will buy it. Oh well, I am thinking of buying a new shirt for me. As a gift for myself after the working hard. In a way, it is like pampering myself. Though it is lonely to do window shopping alone, I took the advantage of enjoying myself while at the mall. It is seldom happens since I babysit my siblings kids. I always go to the mall but with kids. I missed going out alone.

After hours of walking and window shopping, I decided to buy a new towel for me. It has been two years since the last time I bought a towel. Instead of a shirt, I have a new towel as a gift for myself. So perfect because we are going to a vacation in two weeks time. I can used my towel because I am sure we will be going to the beach as often as possible. woohoo! Today, I went out all by myself. Lonely but happy because this moment is very rare to happen since I do babysitting.