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Thanks to my neighbor

Few days ago, I am craving to eat green mango after I saw the fruits of the neighbor’s mango tree. I wanted to buy some to buy neighbor but I did not bother to try again since the last time I did the same, they said no to me. So, I am just contended watching the mango fruits from their mango tree. I do buy at the market though to satisfy my cravings. But this time, I did not buy because I am out of budget. Yes, my wallet is too poor now because I did lots of payments. I am sad that I am running out of money, but thinking that I am already paid my dues, I am happy about it.

Anyhow, yesterday afternoon one of my closest neighbor arrives from the province of his father and gave me two pieces of green mango. Oh yeah! I am so happy because my cravings were answered. Because I do not have extra to buy green mango at the market, God uses my neighbor to give me mangoes for free. How is that!? The mangoes are so crunchy and so yummy. Thanks to my neighbor for the mangoes. God bless you more and hope you will give me some again when you go back to your father’s province.

My 34th year

Yes! You heard it right. I just turned 34 this month. I am happy because I reached this age, and at the same time sad because I am getting older. Haha! I know many would ask if I am still single and so I would tell it here. Yes, I am single and I am happy. Though there are times that I wish I have someone, share secrets with someone aside from my sister, but I have to accept that the special someone is not yet here. God is perfectly wrapping it for me. Woohoo!

Anyways, my 34th year in this world is meaningful to me. Why? Because the sister just gave birth to her second baby. Another angel in the family that would bring joy and happiness. The sister bought a birthday cake for me with the name of the nephews and nieces that I babysit for years. I like the feeling seeing the name of the kids written on the icing of the cake. It makes me feel so special and appreciated. Also, the second older brother helps me in cooking and preparing the foods that we are going to share on the table. Even though I have fever, I am so happy and glad that the family is there greeting and celebrating with me. Thanks to my family for everything.

Need one this week

Any day of this week the sister will give birth to her second baby. The family is very much excited to see the new angel that will bring joy and happiness to the family. The sister is so nervous even if this is not her first time. But her husband is more nervous than her. When her husband is nervous, he smokes cigarettes to keep him calm and relax. The same thing he did when his wife is on the delivery room. The brother-in-law does not smoke because he does not want the taste of the cigars, however, he will smoke when he is nervous. He likes to smoke a cigars that has nice taste like Rocky Patel. And because the sister will give birth to their second baby this week, he needs to have cigarettes again. I might need one this week too because I am a bit nervous.



Do you have celebrity look-alike? Well, I do have. See the image above and do make a comment. haha!

I was checking messages and update in Facebook when I saw a friend having a celebrity look-alike. It is cute and cool that is why I open the link and see if I have a celebrity look-alike too. After the loading is done, I am surprised that I do have a celebrity look-alike. And she is no other than Hilary Duff. Really? Is this true? I hope it is. haha!

The similarity is 84% which is so cool. I am smiling looking at the photo of Hilary Duff and I and check of the similarities. Well, we both are girls so that is 50%. haha! I enjoyed watching this image and share it here to let you know that my face is not only local but can be international too. wink! Try at your end and see if there is any celebrities that looks like you. Though this is just for fun, I am enjoying it and loving it. I wonder,, do I really look like her or Hillary Duff look like me? What you think?

Lucky Friday the 13th

Yesterday was Friday the 13th. The day where many were scared of including me because of the so-called bad luck that will happen. I used to believed that this day is really bad luck that is why I don’t go out to keep myself safe. Though I haven’t heard bad things happens that connected to this day, still I am scared. For me, prevention is better than cure. So yesterday, I stay at home with the kids. No reason to go out somewhere though. I do my online stuffs because I got writing jobs to do. It’s just arrived and I am so happy.

Anyways, my Friday the 13th was a lucky day. I received payments and writing jobs. Woohoo! Another cents to be added in my saving account. Thank you advertisers, friends and God for this wonderful blessings, as always. I pray for more blessings to come. Also, the members of the family got home safely especially the kids who came from school. With prayers and faith to God nothing bad will happen to us. Just keep believing in Him for He will guide and light our ways always.

How about you? How does Friday 13th to you? I hope it is all good luck! God bless everyone!