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Looking at the blue sky

I am tired and sleepy today. Seems like my yes has its own life because I cannot keep it open. I am browsing on the internet when I feel that my eyes close. haha! I must not close my eyes because the kids are wide awake. I have to keep myself awake to watch the kids that are busy making a mess in the living room. They are playing, fighting and running around the house. Looking at the screen of my laptop makes me more sleepy. I decided to go out for a while and be with the kids who are playing at the terrace.

While sitting at the terrace, I noticed that the sky is so blue. Wow! It has been days that I haven’t seen the blue sky because of the rain. I love watching the sky because I can picture out lots of images by just looking at it. I feel I am an artist looking at the skies. Added to that is the awesome blue color. It is indeed good to go out and see the beauty of nature Also, looking at the blue sky from above takes away the tired and sleepy mood this morning. Good idea also in releasing stress. Now I have found new way of releasing the bad mood.

Do you feel the same thing sometimes? Try to do what I did and see if it works for you because it works for me.

Slowly getting better

My father is not well. He has been sick since August last year. We brought him to the hospital twice before he agreed to undergo dialysis. It was the saddest point in our life. We have lots of why and how in our minds, but we offer it all to God. I know that He will always there for us and He will give us the strength to go on with life and to carry the trials that we are facing right now. We have accepted and embraced the condition of our father. We will always be there for him and will help him until the end. It is not easy, but with positive minds we know we can handle everything with smiles on our faces.

After six (6) months of dialysis therapy, my father is slowly getting better. We have been praying for him to get better and regain the strength so he can walk again. We felt his frustration every time he is trying to stand up and cannot do it alone because he is so weak. If only we can do something to bring back the life he used to have. To bring back the smile on his face and bring back the bubbly father we have. We are glad that the father nos is slowly getting better. We prayed for it a lot. Hopefully, he will fully recover soon. We wanted to see him walk again.

Helping them packing the things

This is it! The first baby of my older brother will arrive anytime this week. The wonderful blessing from Above. I visited them last week and helping the sister-in-law in packing the things need to bring in the hospital. I did it because I was asked by my other brother and I want to help as well. The sister-in-law has difficulty in moving because of the bulging tummy. I put all the things needed by the baby at the hospital and also told the brother and the sister-in-law of the things she needs to bring and buy for herself. I am supposed to be with them by now, however, because of my father’s condition, I can’t be with them. But for sure I will give time to visit them in the hospital when she gave birth.

I can see in the ultrasound that the baby boy of my brother and sister-in-law is healthy. He keeps on moving and very active inside his mother’s womb. I am so excited to see and carry the little angel too. In fact, I talked to him when I visited them last Sunday. I touch the tummy of my sister-in-law and talk to the baby. I pray that the sister-in-law and the baby are safe and the safe delivery of sister-in-law. Also, I will deliver the baby bouncer this week. It is a hand me down bouncer but still in good condition.

Attending the engagement party

I am so shocked when my cousin called me on the phone and told me that she is getting married and invited us to come to their engagement party. They surprised us all I must say because even their family did not know their plans. I understand though why they preferred it that way it is because my cousin’s family is against in their relationship. All the bad words and curses have thrown into them, but they love for each other wins. They fought and now they won. They do not mind what others think because what is important to them is their love and they both are happy together. And want to spend the rest of their lives together.

Thier engagement party is simple and ended well. Though some of the cousin’s sisters are in bad mood. lol, My cousin is four months pregnant too. I am so happy for her because it is her dream to walk down the aisle, and have a family of her own. Congratulations to my cousin and to her fiance, I prayed that you will have a happy life together. Keep the love burning and always put God in the middle of your relationship. Looking forward to your wedding day. Congratulations in advance and best wishes!

Early Christmas Treat for my friends

They say that true friendship is very hard to find.  Once you found it, you have to treasure it, take care of it and love it.  When you have the chance, find time to treat or be with them to have great bonding to catch up on the days you missed because of your busy lives.   I have lots of friends, but unfortunately, I have not seen many of them.  I do not know their whereabouts and I am sad of that truth.  Luckily, I have friends which I am still in contact with them.  We talked almost every day on Facebook.

Because Christmas is fast approaching and I’ll be very busy, I made scheduled to have a date with the two of my treasured friends.  I have contacted them and I am glad they are free.  We had our bonding two weeks ago.  I treat them to lunch and dinner, bought gifts for them when we went to the mall and went to the park.  It was one day of fun and lots of talking, but still, a day is not enough.haha!  It feels good to be with friends and made them smile with your simple gestures.  It is nice to see them smiling and thanking me for the treat.  You are always welcome girls.  I love you both and will treasure our friendship forever.  Till our next bonding.