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Many Filipinos are going abroad for greener pasture.  To give their family financial support,  for better future and for their kids to finish their students up to college.  Their main goal to work abroad is for their family.  They fight sadness and being homesick for their family’s sake. They do not mind the danger that is ahead of them for they bring the greatest weapon anyone could ever have, the prayer.
Of what is happening now in Libya, many Filipino workers sent back home for their safety.  Their hopes to give their family a better future are crashing down.  I have seen on the news where some Filipino working there are sent back home.  Some are happy they nothing happens to them and they are home safely.  And some are sad for their hopes are gone.  Although they can still apply for a new job to other country, but the thought of the money they spent just to get there is so frustrating especially to those who has just arrived in Libya.  It is like their dreams are snatched from them. 
So sad situation, but if they look at the positive side of it, money is just money and it can be earned again.  But when life is taken away, no way we can take it back.  As the saying goes, ‘ if a door is closed another will open’.  Never lost hope and continue dreaming there is a better opportunity for them to come.  Opportunity that will surely give them the chance to make their dreams come true and for the better future of their family.