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Thank you God for the talent

Every time there is an activity that my nieces and nephews are participating, I am their number one supporter.  I will see to it that all are well prepared so they will be ready and look good on the day of the presentation.  Just recently, the nieces are taking part in the culmination of the Flores de Mayo in our village.  They are one of the princess and they will be wearing gown.  I am so excited for them.  Just like last year, I did make their hair and make up.  And I have shared in one of my blogs their hairstyle.  This year, I will be their hair and make up artist.

I do not have much knowledge about hairstylist and applying make up.  I just search online about the different hairstyles and on how to apply make up.  I am not sure if I will be able to do it perfectly but I will do my very best to make my nieces stand out and look very pretty.  My talent will be tested once again.  I am trying to be miss know everything when it comes to these matters because we do not have budget to go to the parlor and have them fixed.  And I thank God for the talent and the skills.  Anyways, you can see the hairstyles I made for the nieces.  What do you think?

To keep the bugs away

One of the hobbies that at SIL is doing now is to plant vegetables. Well, she do likes to eat vegetables that why she is planting on our backyard. She started planting three months ago. Just recently, she is visiting her small garden in the backyard to check if her planted vegetables are healthy and also to see if it is on the way of giving fruits. To her surprised, the bugs are eating the fruits and the other vegetables. She wanted to save the plants in the garden that is why the SIL is thinking of buying stink bug trap to keep the bugs go away from her plants. I can see the sad face of the SIL. She thought that her plants are growing healthy. After buying the bug trap, I am sure that her plants will grow healthy and will give her healthy fruits soon.


Unsung Writer…..

Writing is one of my passions in life.  I always write in  a piece of paper what I felt in everyday of my life.  I feel that by writing, I can be me and I can express what I felt inside.  Writing makes me feel I am free and I can be me.  I can share through writing my ideas and thoughts.  I find it easy to tell what is in my heart and I can be able to express the things that I want to keep it just by myself.  When I am not comfortable to tell it to someone else, I put it in writing.  I do have diary before but someone reads it and I lost the interest of having a new one.

I am so happy that my friend introduced to me this blogging career.  Wherein I can practice, express and share my hobbies in writing.  I will be able to enhance my talent in writing and at the same time I am earning.  I am interested in it, so I give it a try and be able to share what is in my thoughts.  I find it very exciting and enjoyable, being able to write my daily activities, experiences and my life.  Never would I thought I can be as open as this knowing that anybody can read it.  But I felt fulfilled and feeling like a true writer if I am able to touch my readers heart while they are reading my article.  I really like doing it, so I will succeed and find fulfillment in here.