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That’s not true

After her operation, the family opted to keep her real condition is for her to recover early. It is not easy for the family to face her knowing that they lied to her when she asked how is she and what is wrong with her. All she knows is that, her kidney is not functioning well that is what it has to be removed immediately. It has been three weeks now after her operation. It is good to see that she is recovering fast and started her chemo therapy as advised by the doctor because they have detected a mass beside the kidney that has been removed.

Since she is now doing her first session of chemo therapy, the family decided to tell her about her real condition. The family told her that she has a cancer. The family is ready to comfort her because they expected her to cry and in a shocking situation. “That is not true” , this are the words the heard from her. She did not cry nor shocked after hearing what her family told her. The family was not able to tell her that the doctor told them that she only have two – three years to live. Well, nobody really knows what will happen soon, but to be ready and let her know of her condition is the best thing to do to be aware and make herself ready. Even though they are worried, the family give her some time to think about it and I hope will accept the truth.

Severe Cough

My sister is so worried of her son’s cough. We went to the pediatrician this morning to have her son be checked. We were so worried of my nephew’s condition that is why my sister leaves for work to go to pediatrician’s clinic. We feel relieved after what the doctor told us. My nephew will undergo seven days of treatment. I am hoping that he will get better soon after the medication. He is sick for days and we missed his bubbly and lovely smiles. I am praying for my nephew’s improvement. Severe cough be gone and leave my nephew alone.


Cervical Cancer…

Every woman is at risk because the risk of cervical cancer is greater.  There are lots of women dies because of cervical cancer.  Which is very alarming to all women for life will be danger  if we neglected it.  Women should take good care of themselves,  always go to the OB for check up.  To make sure life is safe and free from those problems ans illnesses.  Early detection is curable rather than the late one.  We will never know until we go and make ourselves check from time to time.  No need to wait for possible pain before making any action.  For cancer is a dangerous illness, it can kill and end our lives early.

This is the reason why experts do find a way to help women solve this kind of problem.  And to detect if there is something wrong in our body especially our cervix.  They do have a series of test, injection, and laboratory needed to make sure women are safe.  They have this cervical cancer vaccine for both young and older women.  It is a new advances in science that would help all the women out there.  All women should do is to go to your doctor, talk and let them do the check up for you.  we should act now before it is too late that we cannot do nothing about it.  Keep our self safe and free and enjoy the beauty of life for years.  Especially enjoying it with the family.