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Fingers are aching

I have lots of writings to do and my fingers are aching. arghs! Well, this is my fault because I ate beans. I do not know if this is really true, but I have an arthritis and every time I ate beans, its aching. Before it was my knee aching, lately my fingers. The part of the body that I need to take part very badly because of the loads of writings to finish. No pressure though but I am hoping to hit the cut off day on Monday. I am taking my time, typing and resting to relax my finger a bit then back to work. I felt so sorry for my fingers but I really need your service. I am half way there, so please bare with me.

I promised to avoid eating beads because it is me who suffers the pain. I do not drink medicine because I do not want to be dependent on it. I just wait till the pain is gone anyways, the pain is bearable. I just drink vitamins and foods with lots of calcium because I think I really need it. Hopefully this pain will go away tomorrow so that I can finished writing before the cut offs. I hope I can do it. Good luck to me!

Trying to eliminate the back pain

My back is aching for days now. I have difficulty is getting up early in the morning, sitting up and walk. This back pain makes my day miserable for days already. I wish I know how to eliminate this pain for me to move easily and do my chores and stuffs without feeling the pain. Too much facing the computer gives me this back pain I guess. Maybe I did not seat properly. This is the pain I get because of the wrong posture. arghs! In way this is my fault, and I have to do something to make this pain go away soon. Days of feeling this pain is like killing me. Smiley

I search for a home remedy solutions to eliminate back pain and I am glad I found some good points to do at home. The treatment that I can do at home to manage pain includes exercising, stretching my muscles, managing stress, eating a healthy diet, drinking plenty of water and getting plenty of sleeps. These steps indeed very helpful to me. I will for sure use this steps to free me from this back pain I felt. And also, I have to make some changes in my daily routine. I guess I am abusing my body a bit that gives me this pain to remind me that I neglected to give some time to rest and sleep.

Have the same pain like me and wants to eliminate it too? These steps might be a big help to you as well. Let us do it together and see the results.


Goodbye Flu…woohoo

I am not feeling well after the New Year celebration. I am affected by the sudden changes of weather. No matter how careful I am still I am affected by flu. I do not have a good day on the first day of 2012 because of the flu. I was not able to go to the beach with my cousins because I am not feel really well. I keep on coughing and sneezing. Smiley I stayed at home and get some more rest to feel better even just a little. I take medicines and drink lots of warm water. Drinking lots of warm water helps me to breathe normally. I am having a hard time breathing because I also have runny nose.arghs!

After taking the medicines and drinking lots of water, I am fine now and have the energy to blog again. For the past days I was not able to update all my blogs because I am not feeling really well. Now that I am okay, I am back to blogging and will be constantly updating my blog. I have lots of updates to do and by looking at all my blogs, I feel sick. However, it is fine with me because my blogs deserves more love from your truly. Goodbye flu and don’t you dare come back again. The weather is not so good still and I hope no flu will come to attack me. I have Vitamin C with me and water to keep me safe.



Sick after the new year celebration

The weather is not so good last December 31, 2011. The city was experiencing scattered rain showers. The weather is so gloomy when I went to the nearest supermarket to buy something. Because I was in a hurry, I forget to bring my umbrella with me. It was a bit raining when I go out from the supermarket. I just walk under the rain to ride in the public vehicle to go home early before the rain pours very heavy. I was glad that the rain did not pour heavy. The family celebrates the New Year very happy. We were dancing, singing, eating and laughing. Smiley

Because I walked under the rain, the following morning I woke up with a flu. Smiley It is so unfortunate because I am sick on the first day of 2012. If could just bring my umbrella with me, I would not be walking under the rain. I am drinking lots of water and medicines already but the flu is still bothering me. I wish this flu will gone before my birthday. I do not want to be sick on my birthday. The cough and runny nose is really a bother to me. I so wish this will be gone soon. I was so happy celebrating the new year but sick on the first day. Smiley

Develop core strength through exercise with a medicine ball

Whether you are an athlete or not, core strength is important. All functional movement depends on core strength, and this happens to be especially true in athletic activities. Though whether you are washing the dishes or snowboarding down a mountain, having developed core strength will make you do better at everything you do and help prevent injuries.

If you want to develop your core strength, there are all kinds of exercises to help you do so. However, one of the easiest ways to do this is to use an exercise ball. Training with one enhances some of the most commonly performed exercises out there, such as sit-up and push-ups, into core-defining routines. The following are some of the most popular exercises you can do with an exercise ball to increase your core strength.

You can do push-up on an exercise ball by resting your thighs over the top of it and placing your hands shoulder with apart, with elbows straight, in front of you. In this inclined position, you will work core muscles at the top of your chest as well as in your triceps.

Sitting on the exercise ball at about a sixty degree angle, so that you are not on the top and almost leaning against it, will put you in a good position to do sit-ups. You will end up leaning back so that your body falls over the ball, hands behind your head. Every time you rise up, you will be performing a crunch that targets upper abdominal, hip, and core muscles.

How about some leg work. Get into a lunging position and place one foot, sole facing up wards, over the ball. Now lean forward and roll the ball back with your foot over it. This will build strength in your quadriceps and help shape your buttocks.

Now target your triceps. With your hands over the exercise ball, lean down so that your biceps touch the tops of your forearms. Keep your feet together behind you. Now slowly push yourself off the ball, keeping elbows straight.

Lastly let’s go over something for the shoulders. You will need dumbbells for this but the exercise targets your deltoids and will help your core develop, too. Lay over the exercise ball, stomach down. With your arms straight down, lift them up until your elbows bend at ninety degree angles straight out in front of you and parallel to the ground.

These are just five out of hundreds of exercises you can perform using a medicine ball. Your core will feel worked if you are not used to developing it, but in time you will get used to it and you will notice an increase in ability in any physical task you do.