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Back to online chores

Being sick is not in my vocabulary because it makes me weak and no one will take good care of my nephews and niece. And I cannot do my online stuff and blogging chores. Unfortunately, I had the flu and was in bed for four days. I felt so tired and can’t move my body. I took medicines that my sister gave me but it does not help at all. I guess I need time to rest. Just lay down, sleep more and stop doing house chores. I felt sorry for my sister because I was not able to help her with the kids for I felt so weak. I promised to update my blogs regularly this month but was not able to do so because my body is asking me to get some rest.

After resting and have enough sleep, I am good now and felt better. I am done with my loads of laundry too. And I am back to online chores. Thank God, that I am better now. Indeed, when we are so tired, it is right to get some rest because our body needs it. We are the driver of our body, let’s not overuse it. We only have one body so we must take good care of it. For there is no replacement when our body becomes weak and not in good condition. When we need to rest we must rest. Now that I felt better, I hope to get my online chores done and will update my blogs regularly. Giving my readers and visitors new post as much as possible.

Hope he will get better soon

My father is not feeling so well. His arthritis is giving him so much pain now. His wrist is swelling, knee, ankle and shoulder is in pain. He can’t move the way he wants because his is in pain. He can’t walk straight and he hates it. My father is losing his patience I must say. We went to the doctor already and started taking the prescribed medicines. He even told me that he wants to cut-off his wrist. I felt so sorry for my father. I can’t blamed him is he wants he cut-off his wrist because he is in pain for almost a month now.

My father is taking five kinds of medicines for his uric acid, creatinine, lungs, kidney and pain reliever. I really hope that after a month it will have good results so that my father will be free from all the pain he is feeling now. If only I could take some of the pain. When the CT Stonogram is done, the doctor will give another medicines and hopefully the father will get better and better. He doesn’t want his condition now. I just comforted him saying that he is still blessed and lucky because he is not in the hospital, he is not on wheel chair and he is not in the ICU. I do hope that what I am saying is enough reason not to lose hope.

Your friendly drugstore

We all know that medicines today are very expensive. That is why as much as possible we should not get sick. But no matter how careful we are, we do not know when we get sick. So it is better for us to save some for emergency. Because medicines are expensive, we sometimes used generic brand of medicines for it is friendly to our budget. This is because we do not know where to go to buy affordable medicines. But we do not have to worry anymore because we can find the friendly drugstore that sells branded and generic drugs like advair diskus. You can place an order online and they will deliver it on your doorstep. No need to worry of the shipping fee because it is for free. Isn’t it great? So when you are sick or any member of the family gets sick, you know now where to go. Just make sure you have your doctor’s prescription.

Easy way to clean the nose

My two years old nephew is suffering from allergic rhinitis. From time to time the sister is checking the nose of her son to know if it is irritated. When the nephew is keep on sneezing, the sister hurriedly wash the nose of her son with water. The sister is felt sorry for her son because she is working mom and only the nanny and her son left at home while she is at work. She is worried if the nanny cleans the nose of her son carefully. She is thinking of an easy way to wash the nose sensitive nose of her son. When she saw this nasopure, the sister is glad. She can leave the house for work with less worries because she is sure that the nose of her son will be safe and clean all day.

To age well at home

Compared to babies, elders are difficult to handle because they have lots of demands. This is what I have experienced from my sickly father. Even though I get mad sometimes, I have to take good care of him because he is my father. As his daughter, it is my responsibility to attend his needs with the absence of my mother. And because my father is old and moody and hard headed I have to widen my patience because he gets angry if I did not bring his needs and wants. Sometimes I am having a hard time because I do not have any background about care giving. I just do what I think is right which is wrong because elders has to be treated and cared well especially if they are just at home. As much as possible I want to do the best I can for my father to age well at home. Good thing I bumped and visit this website while I was browsing on the internet. It is a big help for me.

Because my father is sickly, I have to stock medical and healthcare supplies, bed and bath products and other things that an elder like him needs. I do not have to worry about things anymore because I can have the things he wants at Medline Industries products. They have great deals as well, I can have the supplies that I want with a discount using coupons. They do not have supplies for elders only and that makes them famous all over the world. So, if you want you elder to age well at home, visit the site because they are the greatest senior care resource.