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Only God Knows

Few days ago, there are several robbery case in the city. One of those incidents happens here in the village where I live. So sad to know that the victims are shot by the robber. Around 9 in the evening when the mother and daughter was robbed on their way home. Worse is that the robber, shot the daughter’s abdomen. Untimely, but good thing the daughter is fine now and take some time to recover at the hospital.

One afternoon, their was a commotion happens in the village. One of the neighbor was arrested by the policemen because he was the prime suspect of the robbery case. It says, that the neighbor was positively recognized by the mother. Many are shocked when he was arrested because we could not believe that he did it. I personally know the guy, and I do not think he can do that such thing. Though he plead not guilty and said he is innocent of the crime. Still he was puts behind bars because the mother insist that he is the one who robbed them.

The policemen are conducting further investigation of the case. No result are being shown yet. Both mothers are crying for what had happened. I felt pity for the neighbor because I guess he is innocent. Many said that, but the policemen are just doing their job to clear everything. I hope that the truth comes out soon so that the case will be solved. And only God knows when is that day comes.


Expectant Mother

Nothing compares the happiness of a woman when they are expecting a child. It is indeed a wonderful gift from up above. Not all has given this kind of gift from God that is why we have to be thankful for. Before if a woman is expecting an angel to see the beauty on earth it is understood that they are married woman. This little angel is a gift because this angel will complete the family, brings the smile and happiness in the family.

Nowadays where there are lots of unmarried woman who are expecting, some are too young to get pregnant. Because of this responsibilities, the man they choose to love leave them and not man enough to face their responsibilities. Some prefer to abort it but others are strong enough to face it alone. I salute to those single women who are courageous enough to continue the life that God has given to them. It is a blessing and we should accept it with all our hearts alone or with someone.

If you are an expectant mother, savor the moment and enjoy the journey towards motherhood. It is a privilege, therefore love it and be thankful.

God’s Loving Embrace……

In life’s journey, we may encounter many trials and difficulties.  Times when we needed to be strong to fight till the end.  It hurts us deeply knowing that trials are to heavy to carry.  We like to hide and run away to free us from all these.  Instead of facing it, we opted to run and let it pass by without doing anything.  Afraid to challenge and conquer it.  Believing in ourselves that we can do it and can make it.  It is better for us to face it rather than hide and run away.  Facing it is the way to solve problems and trials in life.

If we are confused and looking for a place to hide, we listen to our heart and we will know the answer.  God’s loving arms is the right place to hide.  His love will make us relieve from all these.  He never fails to listen to us and give us His loving arms.  When we are afraid and do not know what to do, come to Him and feel the loving embrace He has for us.  Never be afraid and never lose hope for God will always open His arms to us.  We will find refuge and a place where we can have a peace of mind and at ease.  Talking to Him is the best that we can do.  Ask for guidance and strength for us to continue this battle in life.  No one will make us feel better than Him.  Come to God and feel His loving embrace.

Never a Quitter….

Our life is what we make it.  It depends on our goals, dreams and ambitions in life.  For us to have a good outlook in life, we have to base our day to day living with this three things.  To have this as our basis, we will have for sure a better life ahead for we live our life the way we wanted it.  As much as possible we will think only of positive things for us to continue the struggle in life.  We can’t deny that along with that positive things, there is negative things that makes us weak and wants to give up. 

Life is never easy, for we have to face lots of trials and difficulties.  This things will test how strong we are and how much we can hold on to our goals, dreams and ambitions.  It will test also our will to make these things come true and put into reality.  Negative thoughts makes us hesitant to go forward.  Sometimes we lose concentration because of the these trials and difficulties that comes in our way that makes us weak.  The good thing we have to do is to stay focus and never lose faith in God.  God will never gives us things that we cannot carry.  He gives us trials because He wants to make sure how strong our beliefs is.  Along with these trials and difficulties, God is always there watching us to lift us up when we are about to give up.  Remember God is always with so, do not quit.  Never be a quitter will lead us to where we want to be.  Good luck!