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Attending a bible sharing class

Back when I was in high school, I was invited by a friend to attend a bible sharing class at their church. We do not have the same religion but since she invited me and I am curious about this bible sharing class, I give it a try to experience for once. The bible sharing class lasted for two hours. It was a good experience for me for it gives me idea about bible sharing. They provided foods for snacks for us. My first impression is that the bible sharing class is a bit boring but then I was wrong. It was good and I enjoyed my stay there. Everyone are friendly and welcoming visitors from other religion. I get to meet people from different religions, learned about their belief, religion and lots more. Their church is very nice even if it is small. And because their church is small they uses stackable church chairs. It is very comfortable to sit on, also saves space because they pile the chairs on the corner. They just get chair if someone comes. If I were to buy chair at home, I prefer this kind of chairs.

Brighten up your bathroom

Just like any other house, the bathroom is also another place that we must give importance. Fixtures and effects need to be good and relaxing, because its also a place in our house that we share to our visitors and guests. When we are having a party or celebration we make ready of our bathroom so that our guests and visitors would not say anything bad. If we dont like to have a bad comments from our guests and visitors we need to make our bathroom lighting fixtures more fascinating to their eyes. Pleasing our guests and visitors are a really good feeling.

Now that we have the chance to make our own bathroom, I would really make the best out of it. I would really make sure that I would provide the best what it could bring. Especially bathroom ceiling lighting that give more effects to a certain piece in the place.

A lot of my friends, offer suggestions and comments. Each one of it, I am going to consider as long as it would give more effects to my own bathroom. I am really excited of putting it all into reality, I really can’t wait. For now I am just contented on keeping all my materials ready and fixtures that I’ll be putting inside my bathroom.

Recliner Chair for my Father

The first time I seen recliner chair was when I visited the province of my parents. It was my late grandmother’s recliner when she got very sick. The recliner chair was my late grandmother’s favorite chair to sits on because it would make her feel more relax. She can sleep longer compared to lying on her bed. I guess recliners is best to used to oldies so that it would be easy for them to relax their back. I am saying this because I am thinking of buying my father a recliner chair for him to use since he loves to sits in our little terrace in the afternoon. And also I also seen him fell asleep while sitting on the chair. It would be more comfortable for him if he sits on the recliner chair if he wanted to take a nap in the afternoon. I have been looking for different recliners online and offline. And I am more fascinated by the styles that the zero gravity recliners has. I already told my sister about since we will both paid the amount. I am glad she likes it. When the money will soon realized, the father will have his own recliner chair at home.