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Friends for life

I took this photo a week ago while these fellas are celebrating the birthday of their friend. they are my neighbors and friends of my brother. They have been friends for more than a decade I must say. Some of them are professionals, married and some are working on the field they chosen. I admire their friendships because they do value it a lot. Every time one of them are celebrating their birthday, they see to it that they celebrates it with the celebrant. Their friendship is simple and sometimes intriguing. I have seen them fighting for real, having fun, making jokes at each other, sharing girls (which is common to guys haha!), and playing. Yes, playing basketball makes this friendship as stronger as ever. Though they have met other people, and friends but their friendship is still there. Seeing each other and have this kind of talking is a proof that they do value the friendship that they have established for years. Too bad my brother is not here because he lives far from the city. It flatters me though because these guys do asked me sometimes about my brother. Which means they missed my brother.

I am their older sister so to speak. And I am glad that they respected me a bit. Though some of them is not so good to me, I do understand it because that’s their attitude. I have seen some of them growing and I can tell that the attitude of each. So, every time they make a joke on me, I just smiled at them. Anyways, I hope that this friendship will last longer and will leads to forever. Also, I pray that they will treasure this friendship because the kind of friendship that they have is one of a kind. The friendship that others would love to have.

I am touched

I was checking my emails early this morning when I read a comment of a friend in my blog site. I am excited to open her blog site because of her message that she has something for me. I am so touched after reading her newly posted article in her blog. She did mention me there and that was her surprise for me. I felt so happy and overwhelmed by her considering me as one of her friends even if we didn’t see each other personally.

Thank you Mona dear for the friendship and I also wish that one day we will meet for real. And because I am so touched by your post, I am posting also how your post affects me. I am glad I meet you here in blogosphere. Cheers to our friendship and praying for more years of friendship. God bless us always.

From Lovers to Friends..

When a relationship ends, usually people do not like to have a communication with their past.  They prefer to forget it and leave it behind.  It is painful because we do invest feelings and emotions.  It is normal to cry because we remembered the memories both have shared.  Many is in that sad part of the relationship that has end opted to not be friends because it will remind them of the past. 

I have been in that kind of relationship and I can say that is it better to be friends after the break up.  As we started as friends, we ended as friends.  It hurts but at least we are friends now.  Even closer to one another and might be best of friends.  For me it is a good feeling that we still talking and sharing our different lives.  Though we did not end together, we decided to be friends forever.  I felt the regret sometimes but it is better to let it go and move on.  Wishing each other a good life, happy life and a better life.  Our relationship that ends as lover and starts a new relationship which is our friendship.  Friendship that will lasts forever until our hair turns to gray.