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Bonding with my childhood friends

Friendship is a treasure that you should take good care of for once it’s broken, it is very difficult to fix. True friends are the gem and hard to find. A gem that brings colors to our life because of the memories you’ve shared. And indeed we should value them for they will always be there through good times and bad times. I am saying this because my childhood friends and I have our bonding moments after three years. Three long years but our communication through social media is always there. We have the chance to talk and makes our friendship stronger even if we have not seen each other for years.

Last Saturday, our first bonding after three years happens. It was fun and memorable because we talked a lot and reminiscing our memories when we were still young. Indeed, our past childhood memories are worth to look back. We spend the day talking, laughing, eating and shopping. Things that we missed to do. We are catching things up and I like it. It is really nice to spend time with friends and make new memories. Also, our bonding was a welcome back party to Ana who work overseas for two years. It is nice to see her again and see the fruits of her sacrifices working abroad. Thanks for the treat Ana, God bless you more and may God bless our friendship. Cheers to us Mary Chris, Ana, and I.

It’s good to see you again ladies


During weekend, I preferred to stay at home that going out. I like to take the opportunity to take a lot of sleep and rest to regain my energy from taking care of the kids. Especially now that I get easily tired because I am not getting any younger. Though sometimes I like to go out and unwind when I get bored at home or I felt that the home is so noisy. I like to be away from the kids sometimes and have my me time. I mean, I need to pamper myself sometimes. It feels good too to go out and enjoy the life of being single.

Last Sunday, a friend who is on vacation wants to meet. It has been three years I think when we had our first meeting. I am so excited to see her again with my other friends. It was a great bonding I must say. We talked a lot of things, smile and laugh, eating, and the likes. It was fun I must say. Thanks for the treat Claire, for the free rides Mary Anne, and Kat. The foods are sumptuous. No time for diet last Sunday. haha! It was really nice seeing you again ladies. Thanks for the friendship as well. Till our next meet up.

I got new friends at my nephew’s school

Well, I have been mentioning in my previous posts that I am the one fetching and picking up the three year old nephew at school. He doesn’t want the nanny to go with him at school. He is a picky kid just like his mother. Although it is tiring outside waiting for their dismissal, I am glad because I meet new friends there. My new friends are the mothers of my nephew’s classmates. Yes, they are all married! My new friends are married and they are younger than me, how is that? Lol And I like it because I learn new things from married life. I am not sure if I am able to apply it in my own life/family though.

I am happy that I got new friends in our village. I do not have many friends in our neighbour because I seldom go out. I like to stay at home and facing my computer. Most of my friends are online and I like to have more friends’ offline that I can go to when I need some comfort and someone to talk to in person. I do hope that this friendship will last longer and even though we will not be seeing each other often when the school year ends, we still have communication and will find some time to hangout. Though it would be difficult for them since they are married. Anyways, to my new friends, I am happy to meet you all.

I have a date on Valentine’s day

Ever since during Valentine’s day, my date is my sister always. But it stops when she got married. She got married four years ago. To sum it up, I never been out for three consecutive Valentine’s day because no one bothers to invite or go with me. Haha! This year, I want to make a change. I want to go out, unwind, enjoy the busy city and have fun. I am thinking of whom to invite. I asked the closest neighbor, however she has a date with her bf. Too bad! I am thinking of bringing my nieces to watch movie instead, but they are too young and the movie that I like to watch is not right at their age.

My last option is my college friend. She is working far from the city and very busy, but still I tried to ask her. Luckily, she said yes. In fact, she is thinking of inviting me too. Woohoo! I have a date on Valentine’s day. We tried to contact some of college friends too. Only one responded to us. We will try to ask again the other two so our date would be more fun. Even though, we do not have someone special, still we can celebrate and have a date on V-day. See you friends.

It’s late but still excited

My far away friend is going to send me his birthday gift. Though it is too late because my birthday was last month, still I am so excited. He already showed to me the stuffs he bought for me, but hasn’t mailed yet for some reasons. We have been online friends for four years I guess. We treasured our friendship a lot because it is seldom to find good friends online. He is indeed a good friend because he remembers my birthday. I am so blessed to find a friend like him online. The last time we talked, he told me that he will mail the gifts soon. Nyay! I am so excited!

I hope that it will reach on our doorstep. There are so many issues about lost letters, packages, and boxes in the post office. I do hope that my gifts will arrive. When the gifts arrives, I will for sure shared it here what is inside. I already know what is inside because he showed it to me, but still I am so excited. Thank to you my friend for the gifts and for the friendship. You are so thoughtful. May God bless you more and may you live longer life.