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Good treats at Ineng’s Special Barbeque

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I know this is a bit late because the treat of my college friend happens few weeks ago. But still I want to share it here because the experience was nice. I am saying nice because the foods at the local restaurant are really delicious. It was the memorable treat I must say because it has been almost a decade since the last time we saw each other. After our college graduation, we seldom saw each other because we are busy with our life, looking for jobs and finding our career after graduation. Also, it is a celebration of a friend’s passing the licensure examination for teachers. A new pace of her life and she wants to share it to us.

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It is my first time to be in Ineng’s Barbeque. Looking at their menu waters my mouth I must say. A friend told me that I can order anything I like because it’s her treat. Anyways, the photo I shared here are the images of the foods that I ordered. It tastes really nice. The pork barbeque is prefect, the java rice is nice, the sizzling liempo (pork belly) is awesome and the buko pandan is good (except for the broken All in all, the place is perfect. If you have time, go visit and experience their mouth-watering foods on the menu. *burp!

My midnight Snack

I intended to sleep late today because I have several tasks to finish. Since I cannot do it at daytime because of the kids, I take the opportunity to do it at night where there is quiet. I can think clearly without anyone bugging me. The only problem is that when I feel sleepy in the middle of doing my tasks. To keep me fully awake, I have to make my mouth busy which means I need to buy something for midnight snack. I can’t drink coffee because it has bad effects on me. So the safest way to keep me awake is to eat something while doing my tasks.

My midnight snack today is bread and paired it with water and maybe noodles. A bit heavy midnight snack for me, but I need it to keep me awake. I am not sure if it is okay or not as long as I am fully awake and hopefully finished the tasks before the sun rises tomorrow. Am I being harsh to myself? I don’t know either. I will just making it up when the tasks are all done. So, when everyone is sleeping and in their dreamland I will be doing my online tasks, with the help of my laptop, fingers, brain and of course the bread that will make my mouth busy. haha!

Having my midnight snack

I have lots of stuffs to finished online. This only means one thing, I have to stay up late tonight. I am used to it though, but I think today I need to sleep early for me to not feel tired for tomorrow’s recognition day where the nieces enrolled. Midnight is one of the dangerous hours I think because this is the time that my stomach feels hungry and it craving for foods. Just right now, I am craving for burger. Perfect because my father brought a hamburger this evening when he arrives from the city. I am happy thinking that I will be having hamburger for my midnight snack.

I do not have to crave for something because I already have hamburger for midnight. Gosh! ruined my diet again. I really find it hard to control eating because I cannot stand the feeling of an empty stomach. I am done eating my midnight snack. I am now back to my writing mood. I wish I will finished this all. It is not easy though but I will give my 100% to do this because I won’t be on for tomorrow.