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Their Favorite Spaghetti

Weekend once again and it is time to serve these little kids in the house their favorite food to eat, the spaghetti. I am always asked by the kids to cook for spaghetti for them during the weekends. Even if I am tired I cannot say no to them because they will never stop bragging me until I say yes and start to prepare their favorite spaghetti. It has been the part of the menu every weekends, how I wish their mother can do that to them but she doesn’t know how to cook spaghetti.

I remember before when I was little, I always want to eat spaghetti but no mother to prepare for us and no money to buy the readymade one. That is why I promise to myself that I will go to learn to cook spaghetti and cook for myself and the family. I love to cook; just that sometimes I am not in the mood to do it. Just today I am tired but no choice but to cook it for little gremlins will never stop pulling my hands away from the

And, in less than an hour their favorite is served and they have happy and smiling faces.