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Summer time, it is swimming time

It is summer time here in the city and this means only one thing, it is swimming time. Oh yeah! The kids in the family are very much excited because we will have our summer outing at one of the white beaches in the city. Anyways, since it is swimming time, we look for the swimwear that we are going to wear. The kids will be wearing the same swimwear last year because it is still fits to them. But to us oldies, we need to buy new set of swimwear. It is not easy to look for swimwear in the nearest malls and department store for my SIL because she belongs to plus size community. Lol We decided to search for swimwear online since there are lots of online store today. Luckily we found the link that sells plus size swimwear for women. The searching online is worth it because we found the swimwear that fits to my SIL. If there is available size for me, I might get one too because their swimwear is really nice.

If you are plus size and looking for swimwear, just visit the link I have visited. You will for sure find the perfect swimwear for you.

Personalized Varsity Jacket

Back when I was in high school, I used to be a member of basketball team. The school I was enrolled then is a public school, so we do not expect the school will shoulder even half our varsity jackets, shoes, and our basketball uniforms. We have to solicit to gather funds. I am very happy to be part of the basketball team of our school I do love sports. Being part of the team is a memorable one for me. Even though it has been more than a decade, I still want to have remembrance that I am part of the team so I am thinking of having personalized varsity jacket with my school’s initials and logo in it. All I have to do is to click for chenille to look for letters and patches to put on the jacket. I love designing clothes so I will try my talent of designing with the varsity jacket I am going to make and of course with the help of chenille products.

Pretty red footed pjs

Among the party that I have heard, I am so intrigued by this pajama party. It is a unique one because of the clothes the invited guest/visitors are wearing. I hope to experience this kind of party one of these days because I haven’t attended this pajama party. I was once invited by a friend; however, I did not able to attend the party for some reason. I missed the opportunity to experience pajama party for the first time. I am so sad about it, but I just thought that it is not the right time, maybe next time. When that time comes, I will for sure wear this pretty footed red pjs. Aside from it is my favorite color, I also like the style. It is very much fitted to my personality and my preference.

I remember a friend mentioned the pajama party that her daughter invited to a pajama party. She is thinking of what would be her daughter will wear on the said party. She is browsing on the internet to get an idea of a perfect pj for her daughter. And then she decided to buy her daughter a footed pjs at the party. The pajama makes her daughter so cute. Added to that the fabric is of good quality that makes it more comfortable to wear for a little girl. Also, this pjs is perfectly fit for babies who love to kick the blankets off while sleeping. So if you’re pjs for your little ones, try this comfortable footed pjs.

I prefer comfortable than fashionable

Unlike other women out there, I am not into high-heeled shoes and fashionable shoes. To me, it is best to wear shoes that makes my feet comfortable to wear especially for a long walk. That is why every time I buy shoes, I prefer flat shoes, slipper type kind of shoes and best pain relief shoes because my feet and legs gets tired easily. I know that wearing high-heeled fashionable shoes is the trend today however, if I am not comfortable wearing it I don’t bother buying it. Besides there are high-heeled shoes that are comfortable to wear, I just have to search online and look at the malls. Owning fashionable one is useless if I am not comfortable wearing it.

So, to all the girls out there what do you prefer in buying for shoes? Are you like me that prefers comfortable than fashionable one? Share your thoughts.

The wallet that endures

As much as possible, we do want to buy things that will last longer and of good quality. Buying a good quality of things is worth it because it will last longer and durable. Like for example if we want to buy a wallet that will endures, it is best to buy leather wallet. Very true because we do put stuffs inside out wallet like credit card, atm card, business card, pictures and many other small stuffs. And also, we do bring our wallet daily and anywhere we go. And so buying a good quality of wallet that will endures for longer time is a good idea. If I were to go buy a wallet, I will definitely go for the leather one because it is tried and tested that will for sure last for longer time. Added to that, leather wallet has elegant and classy designs.