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Thanks God for the safe travel

The family went to Samal Island last weekend to have our summer outing. The travel is a bit long and tiring but worth it because when we reach to our destination, we will be resting for 1 ½ days. We will be soaking on the water for long. Before we go out of the house, we offered prayers for the safety of everybody and for the safe travel because we will be riding on a barge. Too bad the younger brother and his son cannot join us for some reasons. We are expecting him to come but he did not.

The family outing was fun, exciting and full of memories even though we are not complete. We enjoyed soaking on the water at the beach, while the kids are enjoying the water at the pool. Family summer outing happens only once in a year, so we make sure to spend it at the nice place away from the busy city where we could relax, rest, unwind and enjoy. The summer outing was a success; we went home smiling, happy and well rested. We are not ready to go home yet, but we have to because some member of the family will go back to work the following day. Thanks God for our safe travel and our safety.

Remembering mom’s birthday

Today is my mother’s birthday. If she is still alive, she is 66th years old now. I so missed my mother very much. Every year we do celebrate her birthday. We are visiting her grave; bring flowers, candle, and foods. Also , we offered a prayer for her. We usually visit her together but today father and two brothers will not be going. My father’s condition is not good; he can’t stand longer and can’t walk longer. The other brother is working and the younger brother is living very far from us. Though they are not going with us, I am pretty sure that my mom is very happy up there because her five grandchildren are visiting her.

Just like the previous years, we will have simple dinner at home. We prepare a plate for her, with her favorite foods. That is how we celebrate and remember mom on her birthday. How we wish she is with us, eating with us and laughing with us. It would be a perfect celebration if she is with us because we will be celebrating her birthday and mother’s day. Anyways, happy birthday mother thanks for the memories. Wherever you are, know that you are always remembered and loved by us.

Just like her father

The nine years old niece loves to play the guitar of his father. She was told many times not to touch it because it is not a toy, still she did not listen. When her father off for work, she would hurriedly get the guitar of his father and start strumming the strings. If you are to look at her, you would probably say that she really wants to learn how to play it. I can’t blame her because she is just like her father. If she really into it, I would like her to be part of the school rondalla so she can fulfill her dreams. If she would, I will like her to play the soprano ukulele from guitar center. It fits to her well, also to be distinct from her father. It would be great to listen when she and her father plays their instruments together. As usual I will be their

Get coupon codes now

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11 Years of Marriage

Last February 15, 2014 is the 11th wedding anniversary of my brother and his wife. Time flies really fast, we haven’t notice that they have been together for 11 long years. The celebration is very simple like the usual. It was just a dinner at home with the family. It is not good to spend much, as what my brother says. As long as they are together, happy together and showing the love and care. That is the most important. They bought the favorite viands of their kids and ice cream to complete the celebration.

They have been through a lot of trials, difficulties and problems, however, those things did not stop them to continue moving on and strive harder. There are misunderstanding, but they talk it over to make things clearer. Life isn’t easy I must say for them but those difficulties and problem made them stronger. I am a witness of their struggle as married couple and I must say keep it up brother and SIL. On your 11th years of marriage, I wish you all the happiness, success and good health. Always put God in the middle of your marriage life always. Do not forget to call him when you are in distress because He will always there to lighten it up. Happy wedding anniversary and God bless always!