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So happy for my brother

My older brother has finally found the woman of his dreams. The woman that would love him for him and want to spend the rest of her life with him. We have met the girl and she is very nice. I am so happy for my brother. I never thought that he would finally meet someone. I thought he gave up after multiple failures. I mean, we have talked about it and he said that he is preparing himself to grow old alone. Well, he is hurt of the failure relationships that he had. And I am glad that he has moved on and now getting ready to have a family of his own.

As of the moment they are living together as they are saving for the big day, their wedding day. The wedding day is not yet decided because they have to save first. I can see that my brother is very happy now. I can see his glowing look. I wish him all the best in life and happy married life. I am excited of their wedding day, I do hope that they will plan sooner, next year maybe.haha! Pardon me, I am just very excited for him. Even though I am a bit sad because they leave me alone. My four siblings are enjoying their married life and me is still single. I hope and pray that God will send/give me the man for me.

Thanks for the recognition

Every time my nieces and nephews has projects and assignments at school, I always help them if they asked me. This is because I see myself in them back when I was still studying. I do not have anyone to help me do my assignments, homework and projects. My father is busy at work, my mother passed away when I was nine (9), and my brothers and sister are busy with their own issues. There are times that I cry because no one is helping me. But I do not have regrets then because it made me stronger and better person. I learned to be independent at early age.

My experiences back then isn’t easy, that is why I always there to lend a hand to my nieces and nephews. My niece who is 12 years old always shares to me her life at school and what they do. I am always updated to be exact. Just recently, she told me that their teacher asked them to make an essay and the them is, “the person they are thankful for”. The niece told me that her essay is all about me. I am speechless and so touch. I didn’t know that the niece is always thankful for every thing that I did to her. Well, she is not vocal so I am surprised. Anyways, thank you niece for the recognition. I am not expecting it. I am really touch!

Thanks for visiting

All Souls day is one of the days that we visits my late mother at the cemetery. We spend time praying for her, light candles for her, give flowers, and foods for her. It really feels good doing these because we missed her very much. This is the routine that the family do during this time of the year. This is also our way of saying to her that we remember, love and care for her even if she is no longer with us her presence always remains in our hearts and minds. If she is alive, I am pretty sure she would love spending time with her grandchildren.

At the cemetery, we saw my aunt (mother’s younger sister), uncle, cousins, and nephews visited my late mother. It is overwhelming to know that they always remember to visit her during this day. I am so thankful that they spend time to light candles and offers prayers for my beloved mother. Though my cousin and I are not in good terms, still she visits my mother. Thank you very much for your time. Some relatives visits mother yesterday. We did not able to see them because we visited last Sunday (November 1). To all my relatives, thank you for always remember my mother.

Brought a girl at home for the first time

The second eldest brother is not getting any younger. We always tease him to get married before it is too late. Even though we do not know if he has girlfriend or not, we still tease him. Well, it pisses him off but he just laugh at us because he is getting used to it. In a way we are pressuring him, I am not one of those who pressured him because other member of the family pressured me too. Seems like they do not know that getting married is a serious matter. We have to wait for the perfect time and person so we live happily every after.haha!

Anyways, I guess the teasing will be over because yesterday the brother brought a girl at home for the first time. He introduced her to the family as his girlfriend. The teasers mouth are shut up. I am so happy for my brother because he finally found the one he loves. I just hope and pray that their relationship will lead to another level, the marriage level. Looks like I will be the one who will get all the tease in the coming days. I have to prepare myself for this.haha!

I need to find one. Is there anyone available here??? LOL

Thanks God the sister is safe

My sister has suffered my stomach-ache/abdominal for four years now. Her doctor said before that she is suffering my H. Pylori. She has undergone medication but stops when she knew she is pregnant. She got pregnant unexpectedly. It took her years to go back to her doctor. She just endure the abdominal pain. Even if she just ate, she feels the pain. She done research online about her condition and it worsen her fear. She even thought of the worse. I tried to comfort her and make her feel ease but it does not help. I felt pity for her.

The sister undergone endoscopy a month ago. She is positive of H.Pylori. Of course the sister felt really sad. She has to take medicines prescribed by the doctor for a month. I felt sad for her as well, but the same time glad that we know her condition. I really hope that the sister will get/feel better after the medication. Today, the sister went to her doctor for follow-up check up. Her doctor told her that the H.Pylori is negative and she is better now. I am really happy for the sister. And I thank God that she is better and safe now. She can now smile with nothing to worry about.