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Thank you Lord

After six (6) days in the hospital the niece is finally discharged. We are happy that she is fine now and in recovery stage after the operation. What had happened to her scares us like heal. She suffered of severe stomach pain for three days. A wrong diagnose is really scary. If only the first laboratory is right. We are not blaming the first doctor we went to though because her pediatrician told us that the appendicitis symptoms are same with the UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) symptoms. Now, that she is fine, we are thankful to God for we surpassed the trial.

I would like to extend my gratitude and thanks to those who helped us. To those who visited the niece in the hospital, those who bring foods, those who give financial support and to those who prayed for her successful operation and fast recovery. We know that thank you is not enough but still we want to say thank you to all of you. Special thanks to God for giving us all the strength to overcome every trials that the family is facing and fighting. Also, thank you Lord for sending those people who have helped us. May God bless you always and praying for more blessings to come to your life.

Expecting another angel

It is my sister’s wish to have another baby, baby girl to be exact. She has two sons already and she thought of having a baby girl, the princess in the family since she is the queen. I also told her to have a baby girl because it would be nice to have baby girl in the family. Because she really wanted to have a baby girl, she consulted an obegyne to ask for a way on how to make a baby girl. I find it funny but I hope that it will work out because I want her to have a baby girl.

After months of trying, the sister is finally pregnant on their third baby. A blessing from up above. I am so happy for her. She is claiming it is a baby girl this time. Yes, we are claiming it. The little angel it two months old already. I am so excited for her. I really missed having a baby at home. Now I understand why the sister is nagging at me lately, it seems like she always wakes up in the wrong side of the bed. When she told me last week that she is expecting their third angel, I am so happy. I pray that the little angel is a girl. Hopefully she can use the name of the baby girl that she is preparing since her first born.

Surprise visit is fun

I always want to visit my younger brother and his family at their place once. They live far from us after they got married. It will take us more than two hours to reach their place. Even though we are talking almost everyday still we missed him especially my nephew. The brother is our youngest and he is special to us because he was young when our mother passed away. I must say, he is still our baby that is why we missed him and want to spend more time with him. I missed those times when he is still single. We used to do lots of bonding like playing guitar, doing sing-a-long at home, playing cards and many more.

Last weekend, out of the blue the sister and I decided to visit our younger brother. We did not inform him because we wanted to surprise him. We wanted to see his reaction when he see us. True enough, he is surprised. When the niece of him wife told him that we are still, he did not believe her. I have to go to their room and wake him up myself.haha! And the first words he utter was, what are we doing there. It is fun seeing his shocking face. It is good to see him and have time to talk to him. Hope we can visit him more often and him visit us as well. Thanks brother and SIL for accommodating us. You guys are sweetest. God bless you more! Till our next visit.*wink*

Excited on their big day

It was an answered prayer when the older brother finally found the girl of his dreams. He never gives up despite the many heartaches he experience in the past. Four painful relationship is not easy, but my brother is so strong to never give up to love again. He never stop searching, loving and praying that one day God will give him the girl he deserves. True enough, God gave him the girl for him. The four hurtful experiences was paid off. Seeing my brother so happy makes me so happy too. I pray that their relationship will grow stronger and they will love each other forever.

Yesterday, they paid a visit. My father is so happy of their good news. The brother and his girlfriend is planning to settle down this year. It is a good news indeed and I am so excited. They told us some details of their wedding plan. The wedding will be at the province of the brother’s fiancee. It will be a long travel for us, but worth it because it is the brother’s future is at stake.haha! We like to travel too, so it would be fun. The day of the wedding is not fix yet, but definitely it will be this year. I would like to congratulate them in advance. Best wishes to both of you and I pray that God will blessed you with lots of kids and happy life. Congratulations in advance again!

Thanks for the gifts

Oh yes, I am one spoiled little sister especially on Christmas. My two older brothers will give me presents, my sister-in-law and my older sister. I am expecting to receive presents from them though every year but of what it is surprises me. My siblings give me something I did not expect from them. The effort they put just to give me present/s makes me feel special. And makes me think of how close they know me because they give me things that I really like. I appreciate how thoughtful my siblings are. I am a spoiled sister indeed!

Early this month, my older sister already gave me presents. I so like it and so happy receiving the early Christmas gift from my sister. Last night, I received a watch from my older brother. I am the happiest person in the world. I am not expecting that the brother will give me a watch because he already gives me money to for me to buy anything I want. Also gives me money so I can watch the favorite that will be shown this Christmas. To my older brother and sister, thanks for all the gifts you have been given me. My other older brother hasn’t give me anything yet, another surprise is yet to come. Thanks to all of you. God bless and love you!