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Thanks God the niece is getting better

Last week my niece brought to the hospital because of high fever. She has suffered from high fever for four days already. We tried to medicate her at home but her condition is getting worse. Because the city is in dengue outbreak, we decided to bring her to the doctor to have her checked. At the hospital the doctor told us that she is infected my dengue fever. We re panicking to be honest after hearing it because there are lots of dengue fever victims in the city. We thought of the worse thing happen after knowing that the niece platelet counts are decreasing to 60.

The supposed to be a check up was end into admission. We want to make sure that the niece is monitored well. And being in the hospital is the safest place for her. My brother is so worried of the condition of her daughter when the platelet counts went down to 14 and undergo blood transfusion. We are worried and panicked but did not lose hope that the niece will get better soon. We prayed a lot and gave her medicines and herbal medicine that will help in increasing her platelet. After five days the niece is getting better and was discharge in the hospital. We are so thankful to God for He hears our prayers. Thank you God for always with us and for the healing of the niece.

Baby Girl It Is

The sister is the happiest mother on earth when she found out that she is pregnant to her third baby. She and her husband has been trying to have another child and praying to have a baby girl. They have two sons already and they are seeking for a princess in the house since my sister is the queen.haha! As the baby is growing inside her womb, we keep on praying that it is a baby girl. This is what the sister is wishing for and praying to God always. She is a C-section and can only have three babies, so hopefully she will have a baby girl this time. Can’t wait to finally have gender ultrasound of the little angel inside the sister’s womb.

Yesterday, was the day we all have been waiting for. The gender ultrasound of the baby was yesterday. I am so excited to know the baby’s gender. I go with my sister because I want to know the gender first and I like to be the first person to congratulate her. It was an answered prayer and we are so thankful to God because the sister will finally have baby girl. Baby girl it is! Thank you very much God for this wonderful blessing. Indeed you love my sister very much for she always got what she prayed for. Continue to bless her Lord and I pray that the sister will give a healthy baby girl, also praying for her safe delivery in two months .

Excited of the gender

This is it! This is the month that I have waited for. Why? Because this is the month that my sister will going to have her ultrasound for the gender of the little angel inside her womb. We are so excited to know the gender of the new member of the family. We hope and pray it will be a girl because the sister has two sons already. It would be an answered prayer if it is a girl. I am so excited too because I really missed having a baby in the side. I missed carrying baby in my arms.

Next week is the sister have her doctor’s appointment and she will get the doctor’s/OB’s request for ultrasound. Just like her two sons, I go with her during the gender ultrasound. For the third time I want to go too. I already told the sister that I am going to go with her because I want to be the first one to know the gender. I can’t wait for the day of the ultrasound. I really wish that it’s a baby girl. The sister also wish it is a girl because she wants to have princess in their house since she is the

Teaching her how to iron her school uniforms

My niece is growing so fast. I can’t believe that she is turning 13 next month. And this means one thing, I am getting older and older.LOL! Anyways, now that she is growing older I always reminded her to be a responsible human being. I never forget to tell to be a good role model to her younger siblings. As much as possible I want her to be a good example. That is why I am giving her chores at home. Also told her to reduce playing outside because she is now a teenager. She should stay at home and help her parents in doing household chores. It is not easy to teach her because she likes to play and stay outside to be with her friends.

Our latest lesson this week is teaching her how to iron her school uniforms. At first she did not like it but I told her that no one will do it for her. She has to know how to iron her uniforms. And she can’t be dependent to her parents all the time. She has to learn doing her stuffs so that when her parents is not around, she can do it on her own. My way of convincing her is telling her our life back then. I told her that I learn doing these stuffs because my mother (her grandmother) died when I was nine (9). Telling my experiences in the past does help me convincing her. Hopefully my niece will grow up a very responsible person.

Sunday is Fun Day and Family Day

Yes, a bit late post here. Well, I just can’t find time to write because of the offline duties that I have to take care of. Even if this is two days late, still I want to share the bonding that the family did last Sunday. It is special because it was an abrupt decision. The sister and I suppose to be watching a movie. We will have a movie date. My brother and his family is invited to a birthday celebration. And father will be going to the house blessing of his friend. In short, we have different agenda on that day. But first, we went to the church attend a mass to give thanks to God for the wonderful day and weekend.

After church, we are busy preparing for our agenda when the father told us to go with him at his friend’s house blessing. We are surprised and did not answer him right away. The house blessing is at the farm. And it made us decide to go with him. It would be nice to go out and spend the day at the farm. Free from pollution and free from busy and noisy city. Our decision was worth. The farm is so quiet, the kids are having fun running on the farm, looking at farm animals and looking at the tress and flowers. We smell fresh air I must say. Life at the farm is really nice indeed. But I do not seen myself living in the quiet place for now.haha! Anyways, thanks for the invites, the foods are sumptuous. Also thanks for the free rides. Our Sunday is full of fun and we have our great family bonding at the farm.