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It is an answered prayer

My brother and his fiancée are living together for almost two years now. They have agreed that they will get married only when she gets pregnant so that when they will not be blessed with kid/s they won’t blame each other. I do not like their set up because to me if you love the person you do not have put any condition. You will be with each other no matter what and will love each other until you both grow old. But I do respect their set up, though. They are at the right age and for sure knows what kind of set up they have.

I always want my brother to be happy forever with the woman he loves. But I am worried that they will end their relationship because they do not have kids. I never lose hope, though, I always prayed that they will be blessed with kid/s soon. Their relationship will be stronger if they have a child. Also, I want my brother to get married so I always pray to God to blessed them with an angel. Indeed, prayer is powerful because now the fiancée of my brother is five weeks pregnant. They are so happy with this wonderful blessings. It is an answered prayer and I am so happy for them. Soon, we are going to talk about their wedding. I am so excited and happy for them. Congratulations to my brother and to my future sister-in-law.

Becoming a Korean Drama Fanatic

I like watching Korean drama way back 2003 and I became a fanatic. I like the plot and story of their dramas. I am into their romantic comedy plot of the story. I even tried to learn their language so that I do not have to read the subtitles every time I am watching their drama. But learning alone is not easy. I decided to stop and just be contented and thankful for the subtitles because I am able to understand the story and the conversation of the actors and actresses in the drama. My family used to tease me because of this addiction. But I do not mind them because I am happy with what I am doing and these dramas are my inspiration.

Lately, I noticed that my niece is becoming a Korean drama fanatic. Her addiction started when she watched the drama Code Name Yong Pal. She watched this drama many times already because she really likes the leading man in the story. And now she is digging more dramas lead that by the same actor. Also, the niece is learning the OST (original sound track) of this drama. I am hearing it everyday and many times in a day. Now I know the feeling when my family is so bothered of me addicted to these kind of dramas.haha!

How Dad-to-Be Dane DeHaan Is Prepping for Baby

First-time parents just can’t hide their excitement, can they? They try very hard to prepare for their baby’s arrival. And even though we know it is normal, it’s still amusing when it’s coming from the dad. Dane DeHaan is prepping himself for baby DeHaan!

On an interview with People Magazine on Monday at the red carpet, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 star said, “I’m reading lots of books and making the nursery.” Now we know how cute DIYs are nowadays, and by him doing the nursery on his own instead of hiring someone to work on it, is wonderful! Not all dads do that.

Although they’re keeping their mouth shut about the gender and even said they’re not telling anyone, he did confess to spoiling his wife. Awww! That’s just sweet! Aside from the nursery, DeHaan also said, “I’m always making sure she gets enough massages and has everything she needs. I’m trying to take care of her, but she can also take care of herself. She’s a strong person!” That is so thoughtful of him!

The baby on the way is the first child for both DeHaan and Anna Wood. The couple married in 2012. They seem to have a wonderful relationship and it’s pretty obvious that they love each other so much! Congratulations on their growing family!

Simple Family Gathering

Our first day of the year as very memorable to us because we started with simple family gathering. We went to the house of my aunt and uncle to celebrate new year’s day with them together with our other relatives. It was a blast because we shared our favorite foods, sing-a-long, laughed a lot and many others. We haven’t done this for quiet awhile because we got busy and some other relatives has misunderstanding. It is not good to conduct family gathering when other relatives is not in good terms (ahhmmm….I am one of them). Well, one thing is for sure, I did not start it.haha!

I am glad that my father, aunts, and uncle decided to have a family gathering last January 1, 2017. We did have a great family bonding. It feels really good to see everybody smiling and no quarrels. I must say that it is so wonderful to start the year with joy, love, and peace with your family and relatives and then to the community. I am also relieved that the misunderstanding and issues I had with my cousin for six long years is now finally over. We can move on with our life without no hurt feelings. Thanks to my family, relatives, especially to God for this wonderful day. Happy New Year everyone!

Happy to see his improvement

My nephew is three years and five months old but still can’t utter a word. The sister is so worried thinking that something is wrong with her son. We brought him to two different pediatrician and tell us to go to developmental pediatrician and it worsen the feeling of my sister. In her mind her son is an autistic. I am sad too but I do not think my nephew is an autistic. I still believe that he is just late bloomer. He is lack of attentiveness because of the people around him while he is growing. Three different nannies in a year is a big reason why the nephew is like this. I also think that these nannies does not teach him or does not communicate with him. My nephew is like deaf and mute. He is not answering or looking at you when he is called.

Before bringing him to the developmental pediatrician, I told the sister to enrolled him first at the nursery class. There he will be able to be with other kids and play with other kids. We do not care of the academic, we are more focus on him communicate with other kids/people and to us. It was very difficult at first and I trust it all to the teacher. After six months, I can see improvement of my nephew. He is not shy anymore, we can talk to him and he is paying attention when his name called. I am so happy seeing him improving. Good job nephew, way to go. We are so proud of you. We do not need to go to the development pediatrician.