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Wishing to move out….

A family are helping each other, comforting each other and loving each other.  Every time we are down a family is always there to give comfort and strength for us to keep going.  Also the family is the reason why we want to do better and strive hard to give support.  It is not all in financial aspects but to lend a hand letting the member of the family that they can always count on us and will always be welcome in our heart.  But trials makes the family ties gone.  Blaming and telling the member of the family to go out of the house.

This is the saddest and hurtful part ever heard.  Someone is telling us to move out of the house.  That is very painful on your side knowing that you to go.  A family that you are expecting to help and give comfort are the ones who want you to move out and get lost.  Lots of cases that I have noticed, wishing their love ones to move out of the house.  I know when we are angry we have said many things that is beyond our control because our emotions dictates us and our anger.  We can’t think straight because of the anger we felt.  To avoid more quarreling and misunderstanding, we opted to move out even if our hearts are bleeding.  So so sad to experienced this.  Breaks my heart knowing that someone wishing us to move out of the house.  A happy family turns out to be a sad one. I do smile but behind it are tears  that never runs dry.  Cannot sleep at night, bothering and confused. I pray that this will be settled before its too late.  Bring back the happiness and laughter in our family. 

Hold on…

In the midst of all the challenges in life, we should keep holding on.  Almost all people in the world are into this kind of situation.  Battling for their life to survive and overcome the challenges that comes left and right.  Living in the world today is not easy anymore just like before.  The trials that people are facing today are double.  Smiles are very hard to find for people are struggling for them to survive.  Especially those who are below poverty line. 

Our family is not exempted to this.  We are battling different trials.  Sometimes misunderstanding occurs but we still holding on and keep the fight together.  It is not easy when the family is not in good terms.  Doing things individually is not helping in solving the problem.  Seems like holding on is slowly fading.  Almost giving up and walk away from all this things.  It is frustrating to see that some members of the family wanting to let go.  Stop the fight and go somewhere. To some, walking out is the best thing to do to free us from pain.  Family bond is important when these things happens for it will make them more closer, keep the fight, stand still and hold on.  God sees who keep the faith and trust in Him.

Child Abuse…..

Children lives what they learned. We all know that the first school we entered is our own house. And our first teachers are our parents. The person that molds us from infant till we grow a little mature. But it is very sad to know that some parents do hurt their kids when they get angry. Parents quarreled kids do suffer with this kind of situation. They are prone to be a disturbed child, for their minds are disturbed by what is happening inside their house. They sometimes be the problem child. The things that they cannot do inside their house, they will do it outside. Bullied their own classmates or other kids.

Parents do abuse their kids because of the trials they have encountered in their life. Too much for them to handle and they think that their kids are adding to this burden. Irresponsible parenthood they are. To escape from this kind of life, they do abandoned their family. Better live alone and away from the responsibilities as a parent. Hurting words to their kids will make them feel they are not love. Abused by the words their parents told them. Others do abuse their kids by the used hitting them and even put them in dark corner. They do not have any idea how these things will affect the behavior and the life of their kids. This hurtful truth is really happening in our society. Hopefully parents will do realize that there is a big impact to their kids if they do these things. Children are the hope of the nation, and the hope of their family.

Soon to be a Mommy….

Last four months ago, my sister got married.  I am so sad because I am losing my only sister, but at the same time happy for she find someone whom she share her life with and someone she love and love her.  I do have sleepless night because I missed her for we used to be sleep in the same room.  I missed the night when we are talking anything until we fall asleep.  Those were the days when she is still single.

Last month she told me she is pregnant, i am so happy for her because she wants a baby.  Before she is worried because she thinks she is old and it would be difficult to get pregnant.  Now her worries are all gone, because soon she will be a mommy.  I can see it in her eyes she is very happy and excited, always wants to see me and want me to eat with her.  She told me that every time she has a doctor appointment I will go with her, which makes me more excited.  I can say that I am always updated by her pregnancy.

Her expected due date is early next year.  We am looking forward to it, that will be the happiest moment of her life.  To give birth to her baby and be called mommy.  I wish her all the best, healthy and happy pregnancy. And also a happy life for her, together with her family.