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Don’t forget to look back

I remember when the mother announced to the people she knows and to the relatives how proud she is. She is so proud because with all the challenges and trials in life, still she is able to send her kids to school because she wants them to become a successful one in the future. The mother sacrifices many things just to make sure her kids are okay. She is the kind of mother that every child would ask for. I can tell that her kids are so lucky to have a mother like her.

Because of the sacrifices her body becomes weak and needs someone to take good care of her, no one is willing to give it to her even the love from her family. Her eldest daughter who is now a teacher, doesn’t even appreciate the sacrifices of her mother back when she was still studying. Now that she is already professional and can support herself, she doesn’t want to look back and give recognition to the person who is responsible for her success. She evens said, her mother doesn’t help her at all. After hearing it, I felt angry to her daughter. The never of her to say it. I want to slap her but opted not to because it is none of my business. The mother just cried and chose not to speak.

To her daughter, if you have time examine yourself and look at yourself without the mother on your side. No matter how successful you are, you will never be happy because you forgot to look back and give thanks to the person who helps you. Remember ” NO MAN IS AN ISLAND”.

It’s nice to be back home

After 13 hours of travel, I am glad we are finally home. I missed home very much even if I am just away for five days. I did not have a good night sleep at my aunt’s place because I missed my bed, pillows and blanket. It was a tiring travel but fun because I get to meet new people and can be friends too. I really wanted to be back home soon for me to forget totally the lost of my phone. No matter how much I tried to forget it, still my mind still remembering it. It’s hard to accept that someone close to you stole your things. I learned from what had happened and told myself never trust to people nowadays even if you are very close.

Well, past is past and I have to bury the hatchet. Now that I ma home, I have to start a happy beginning, think of the positive things and go on with life. Earn and save to replace what had lost. Indeed there is no place likes home and I am glad I am home. It’s a good feeling to lay down in a comfy bed rather than on floor. And also, I can now does my online stuffs regularly again because internet connection at my parent’s province is very slow. Back in doing online tasks and forget bad thing happens.

Compromise Situation

The relative is need of financial help for them to check out from the hospital. The family wanted to help but the present situation will not allow the family to do so. We are battling of other crisis in life and the family is on a tight budget. My receives call from that relative crying and begging for some help. It breaks father’s heart that made him say yes from that relative. My father is now on compromise situation to help the relative come up with the amount money to pay the hospital bills.

Being in a compromise situation is never easy. It is very stressful thinking of where to find the money needed. I can tell it is too hard to look for immediate money but we are trying our best to be able to help. I hope we will be able to come up with the exact amount of money by tomorrow to help the relatives. My father asked my sister’s help about it and we are looking forward to get a response from the person who lends money. Since the family is in compromise situation, we will do our very best to help the relative who is in need. Though we did not promise to get the exact amount by tomorrow but at least half of it and the other relatives will do the rest.

He didn’t show up

The family is very sad today thinking of my younger brother who celebrates his 28th birthday today. We are expecting him to go home since he promise to be home this Friday. He decided to leave the house and chooses to be with his witch girlfriend. Forgive me of saying that word, I just do not like her for my brother because she is not treating my brother the right way. We decided not to stop him from doing what he wants because it is useless. Thinking of how he chooses the girl over us. It hurts our feelings especially father. He is really angry when my brother leaves because he did not bother to talk to my father.

We did not greet him on his birthday evens send message to his mobile phone because we want him to realize that we are hurt of what he did. The family still thinks of him each day especially today because it’s his birthday. We wish him the best and success in life and we prayed that one day he will realize how important the family is. He is so mean to give pain to father and the family. His actions show he doesn’t care what the family feels. Even so, we still think of him part of the family. I pray that he will wake up soon before it’s too late.

He did it again

Few days ago my brother always told me that he will be leaving the house and live in a boarding house. I was not surprise because he did this before. I did not questioned him because it is his choice. All I asked from him is to tell our father his plans, what he wants and where he would stay. Because the last time he did not bother to tell us where he went and one day just came back. He doesn’t show some respect to us especially to our father. I never missed to remind him to tell father of his plan of moving out of the house. I thought he heard me clearly and that I hope he would tell father and have some respect to say his plans.

Yesterday morning, we went to church except him. We were surprised because he is gone after we get home from church. I checked his closet and saw only those old clothes he is no longer wearing. We felt sad, anger and upset because he did not again the first time he left the house. How could he do this to our father? I am so disappointed of him and in my mind I want to hit him hard. I know why he is acting this way and I hated it. No matter how much we tried to talk to him, still he did not want to listen. One thing that makes me sad is that my father and brothers said he cannot go back and when he needed some help one day, he will never receive any help from us.

Even if I am angry, I still wish him the best in life and I wish he will never regret it.