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Must have in the camp site

Who loves to go on camping? Everyone loves I am sure. Going to camping is one awesome adventure to all of us. It is like having a short vacation away from our home sweet home. We can do many things while we are in the camp site. I remember when I was in high school I joined the three days camping at the school. It was really fun even if we are just inside the school campus. It was really fun to do and I wish to do it again with the family. I wanted us to go in the camp site and experience the fun with other people who are in the camp site.

When we thinking about camping, one thing that comes up in our mind is a tent. Yes, tent is important because it is where we put our things and where we can sleep. Since I am planning a camping this summer, it is best to look for a tent that the family could bring. I am searching and I am glad I found this Big Agnes Fly Creek. The size and the style is so perfect to bring in the camp. Haven’t seen this kind before and it is so beautiful. I am pretty sure that this would make our camping a great adventure. This is a must have thing to bring in the camp site.


Not good to bully others

The nephew who will turning three in July loves to bully his sisters and neighbor’s kids. At the very young age, he is like a pester to others. I do not want him to grow up like that because it is not really good to bully others. I do not want him to do it because I know the feeling of being bullied. As much as possible I want the nephew to be a friendly kid to others because no one wants to be friend with bully kid. I have noticed him being like this after days of allowing him to play with other kids outside the house. I am not saying that the neighbor’s kids are bad, just that some kids are not well guided by parents and some are really bully.

Partly, I know that the attitude of a kid gets first from the environment they grow up. And that parents and adults they live with played the big part of how they are interacted with other kids outside their home. This is what I know from our psychology subject at school. This is the reason why I am teaching the nephew and the nieces not to be a pester to other kids. I told then it is not good to bully others. For the mean time, I am not allowing the nephew to go out to teach him a lesson. I wish it will work out.


Cleaning the old picture frames

My computer table placed beside the rack where I put all the picture frames of the family. I always see it and noticed if the arrangement has changed. Looking at the picture frames reminds me that it has been three years since the last time I bought those picture frames. Since the kids are sleeping, I decided to clean those frames because the glass are blurry and needs to be cleaned. The pictures I seen in the picture frames reminds me of the old memories. It reminded me my passion before to arrange the family pictures, put it in the albums and frames. The area where I put the frames and photo albums is the family gallery. Smiley

While cleaning the frames I noticed that I need to buy new frames to replace the old ones. And also, new frames for the kids. The family is getting bigger I must say and made me smile seeing that the rack is running out of space to place the picture frames. Since I do not have the picture frames yet, I will look for the kids photos to put in the frames and photos of my in-laws. I like looking at the family pictures from time to time and will be added more photos in the near future.


Feel sorry for my cousin

Two years ago, my cousin was diagnosed of a bone cancer. We felt sorry for her because she is too young to die. Well, as we all know cancer is a silent killer. She has an operation last year because her kidney was damaged and should be removed immediately. We are happy after the successful operation but she has to undergo chemotherapy to continue the treatment. Sad to say, her family did not want to spend money for chemotherapy. They just bought medicine for pain reliever which is not right. The other relatives wanted to help but her husband does not want it. Sad but we have to respect the decision of her husband.

Last Saturday the cousin was brought to the hospital for she is having some hard time to breathe. We visited her today and I felt so sorry for her situation. She is so thin and cannot breath clearly. We also know that there is lump found on her lungs and the doctor said that there is nothing more we could do for another operation might kill her right away. I know that everything happens for a reason but sometimes our decision affects our life. And this is what happens to my cousin. Her husband decision not to accept any help brought my cousin into this very difficult condition. Being angry won’t make the life of my cousin better. All we have to do right now is to pray for her because that is what she needed right now. Smiley


Their bundle of joy

One year ago, this couple was blessed with bouncing baby boy. It was indeed a wonderful blessing from up above for he was born on December 25, 2010. First parents and they were so happy seeing for the first time their bundle of joy.


One year later, their bundle of joy is celebrating his first birthday. One year of blessings and happiness this little angel brings to his parents and now they are giving back those blessings by having a small party on the special day of their son. A simple one that was organized by my sister and yours truly. As you can see the are wearing the same color. It is the motif of his birthday. Visitors are advice to wear something green but not force if no color green found in their closet.

The small celebration went well even if it is rainy day. It was one memorable day for the couple and the birthday boy. Though he does not understand it yet, the photos that we took will tell him how fun is his first birthday. Soon when he grows a bit older, he will be joining the fun together with his visitors.