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Successful family escapade

After months of saving and waiting, the family escapade was realize. Yes, the family and I did have a wonderful time during our one week vacation. We did able to visit the other relatives both my father’s and mother’s side. It was a great feeling to see them once again after years of not visiting the province of my parents. Even a wonderful one because some relatives do still remember and recognized us. How nice of them to still remember us especially my grandmother who is 85 years old now if I am not mistaken. haha!

Anyways, I am so happy that the family escapade was a successful one. In spite of the gloomy weather still we are able to go to the places that we wanted to visit while at the province. Thanks to Pinx for she is the one who recommend someone to become our tour guide at the same time driver of the van we rented. It was a memorable escapade for the family. The first ever escapade that we did outside the city where we live. I thank God for the opportunity and thanks for the blessings in blogging. Through blogging I am able to buy things that I want and able to treat the family in my simple ways. I am looking forward for the next summer family getaway/escapade. In God’s perfect time.

It’s good to see him smiling


The above photo is one of my bubbly nephew’s pose. I so loved to see him smiling like that. Gives me more energy especially if I am sleepy while watching them playing with his one year old cousin. See that smile? Lovely isn’t it? This is the smile that I missed for six days. Yes, six days because the nephew is sick after the great bonding at the beach a week ago. He was sick and was confined at the hospital because he was dehydrated due to too much discharging of water. The worries are gone now because the nephew is getting better and was discharge at the hospital this afternoon.

When the nephew enters the door this afternoon, I saw him smiling. I can tell that his energy is back and in the mood to play again. haha! He is looking for his cousin Jc right away. How sweet he is. It is really good to see him smiling once again. Welcome home Ronj!!!

The nephew’s stunts

The one year old nephew makes me smile everyday. He is one active little kid I must say because he does little stunts every time he gets bored and in the mood to be funny. He is a smart kid I must say because he knows when I am angry, not in the mood and serious. Sometimes he hugs me, kiss me and ride on me when we both on the bed playing. The same thing when the kids of my brother is same as JC. Yes, JC is the name of my one year old nephew. The bubbly, moody, cute, stubborn and lovely JC. Below are the photos of him that I took.

Photobucket Photobucket

The first photo is him in the mood to just crawling and lying on the floor. I did not bother to tell him to stand up because he won’t. The second photo is when he finished drinking his milk and does his stunts. So cute, right? That is how JC entertains me everyday. Things that his parents missed because they both are working. I am fortunate to see JC’s development each day. I am pretty sure that this little fella will show more of his own stunts as he grows. So there, that is JC. The bundle of joy of the family and his parents.

Make your weekend and adventurous one

After the stressful day at work, we all deserved a break to unwind and have some time to relax. Because of the busy schedule at work, parents often forgot to spend time with the family especially the kids. The kids need the attention of their parents as well as their guidance. So to make it up them, it is best to treat the kids to an adventurous bonding this weekend. And the best place to visit is Canada. The country is celebrating the Canada day. It definitely would make your weekend an adventurous one. There are lots of things to do during this day that the kids would love. I am pretty sure that the stressful life at work will vanished because the country has lots to offer for everybody to enjoy. So, make a plan now and bring the whole family to enjoy this weekend.


The brother regretted it

Two nights ago I was having a conversation online with my brother. He left the house two months ago and no plans of getting back because he packed all his things. The conversation did not went well because the brother does not want to listen to any of us. Seems like his mind is already close for us. His mind is set for something that is beyond what he supposed to have. He had given up his job for not so good decision. The kind of decision that no matter how much we tried to understand it, it is too difficult to agree.

We do not want anything from him except his life to be in good condition, have stable decent job and hopefully will practice the course he finished. That is the point that we are trying to tell him. This is not for our own good but for himself to have a better job if ever he plans to get married. However, instead of listening the brother took our advises differently. He gets mad and even said that he regretted he went to school and finishes college. Mt goodness! He does not value the sacrifices that the father and my sister has to take for him to finish college. A very sad situation that the family is going through right now. I so wish that the brother will soon realized that we are have the point all along. I hope soon enough before it is too late. And also, he will realized that we are his family and we care.