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My mother’s 24th death anniversary

Times really flies so fast I must say. Few days ago, we celebrated the 24th death anniversary of my dear mother. We visited her grave in the morning, offer prayers, light candles, and bring flowers. We spent three hours there before going home. While at there, we were talking of the past times when the mother is still alive and talking lots of what if. The four grandchildren are busy cleaning the grave, playing with candles and mentioning about their grandmother as if they have been her before. Listening to them makes me thing of many what ifs in my mind. It the mother is still alive, I am pretty sure she will love to spent more time with her grandchildren.

This year’s celebration is memorable for the family because we also commemorating the death anniversary of my grandmother. Also, the younger brother is home not like last year. I like the relationship we have now because after the misunderstanding, we became more closer to each other. I am pretty sure that the mother is happy now wherever she is because her youngest son is home celebrating with us. Her dearly son among the siblings.

Teaching her how to pray the rosary

The father used to pray the rosary everyday. The sister and I used to go with him then. But stopped for sometime now because he gets very sickly. Just recently, the father decided to pray again the rosary. He has done it alone for a month until he decided to teach the seven years old niece to pray with him. He gave to the niece the copy of how to pray the rosary and the responses. Good thing the niece already memorized the Our Father, Hail Mary and Holy Mary. It is easy for the father to teach the grand-daughter. Now, the father’s partner in praying the rosary is his grand-daughter who is seven years old.

Since the niece is schooling in the morning, they do the rosary when he niece arrives from school. The father tried to convince the nine years old niece but she does not want to. Seeing them praying together, reminds me of the days where the father, sister and I used to pray the rosary. I am happy though that the niece loves to do it. She sometimes told the father to start the rosary the moment she enters the door. wink* I wish to pray with them one of these days but I cannot concentrate because of the two little fellas who keeps me busy. I hope one day I will join them kneel and pray the holy rosary.

Suddenly Disappeared

While I am busy attending the one year old nephew to have his morning nap, the three years old nephew is in the living room watching cartoons with his grandfather (my father). I was hearing the voice of my three years old nephew when suddenly he went silent. I thought he was just busy watching. After 30 minutes, I went outside the room to check my other nephew. I am surprised after seeing that the nephew is not in the living room. Only my father was there and sleeping. Where did the nephew go?

I hurriedly woke up my father telling him to watch the other nephew who is sleeping because I am going to look for the three years old nephew. Lots f negative thoughts that comes into my mind and it makes me more worried. What if something bad happened to the nephew? What if someone took him away? I heard rumors about young ones being kidnapped and I am so worried. I went to the neighbors houses and asked if they saw my nephew. I felt like crying because five of the neighbors said they haven’t seen the nephew. I wanted to scam and shout out loud for I do not know where to find him. I was sitting outside the house thinking of where to find him, when I saw the six years old daughter of the neighbor with the nephew. I feel relieved after seeing the nephew. Thanks God nothing bad happen to them. I wonder where did they go. After the incident I decided to always locked the gate so that the nephew will stay inside the house.

Welcome Home Banner

Every time a family member, relatives or friends are coming home after working abroad for years, we do welcome with a little feast on table and of course the welcome home banner. It is a way of saying we missed them very much and that we want to welcome them with happy and smiling faces. I once seen a banner welcoming their father who is working abroad. The welcome banner makes me feel like crying because the banner tells how much they miss their father.

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First look of the family’s angel


This is the image of the angel inside my sister’s womb. This little one is four months old. Also the reason I arrived late and did not witness the full activities of the parade and dancing on the street last Kadayawan Festival. For two years in a row I did not see the celebrations in the city. I go with my sister to the clinic where she will be having her first ultrasound for her second baby. Anyhow, I am happy because I get to see this lovely little angel that will soon see the beauty of living in the next five months. Gosh! I am so excited to see and carry this little one. I am sad that I did not see the parade but at the same time very much happy because I get to see this angel for the first time. Worth it I must say.

I smiled seeing this angel is moving when the attendant is pushing the apparatus against my sister’s tummy. The baby is moving and responding. Too bad we did not able to see what’s the gender because the baby is too little to see the gender. We have to wait till the seventh month. By then we can see the baby’s gender. I am so excited. I can’t wait to know the gender of the family’s new angel.