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Thank God she is fine

Three days ago, the niece fell while playing at the house of the neighbour. I was so nervous after seeing her unconscious. I was yelling at my two brothers who happen to be there while the kids are playing. I got angry at them and telling them why they let the kids play at the neighbor’s. But there is no use because the damage is already done. Because the niece is unconscious, I rush her to the nearest hospital to have her check to know her condition. After the doctor checked her and seen the X-ray result, I am relieved. But the doctor said that is the niece is vomiting, we have to bring her back to the hospital.

The night when the niece fell and in the morning of the following day, the niece continues vomiting. The SIL decided to bring her to the hospital and the doctor said she has to be admitted to have her checked thoroughly. The family is so worried when the doctor advises for the niece CT scan. Though we are want to think positive and think that the niece’s condition is fine, still negative thoughts comes in our minds.

After a day of observation, the doctor said that the niece is fine and she can go home. “Thank you God she is fine”, these are the words that comes out in my mouth after hearing that the niece is fine. God is really good indeed. He hears our prayers.

Mother and son

After nine months of carrying the baby inside her womb, the mother can now hug, kiss, carry and enjoy each moment with her baby. I was looking at my sister and my nephew sleeping together for the first time. Yes, I was there in the hospital waiting for my sister to come out and the baby. I am scared when the schedule CS operation came. I pray that the sister will give birth safely and the baby is in good condition. When the doctor informed us that the baby is in the nursery section, we went there to look at the baby for the first time. We were also informed that the sister is safe but still sleeping. She will be brought to the room after she regains consciousness.

Three hours after the operation, the sister was brought to the room and two hours later the baby was room in. The nurse put the baby besides my sister. I am enjoying looking at them resting and sleeping and took a photo of them. It is so cute to see the image of the mother and the son sleeping together for the first time. This would be one of the unforgettable memories between the two of them. Congratulations sister and welcome baby Mark Nin Andrei.

It’s a boy!

The long wait is over! Yes, I have waited for seven months to know the gender of the sister’s second baby. I am so excited because I hope it is a girl so that we can start buying things for the coming little angel of the family. We like it to be a baby girl since the sister’s first baby is a boy. In fact the sister does have a name of the baby if it is a girl. She is not thinking of a boy name because she thinks the baby inside her tummy is a girl. What makes the sister think that it is a girl? Well, she is just comparing the experience while she is pregnant with her first baby. Also, she is comparing of the movement of the baby inside her tummy.

Since I am so excited to know the gender of the baby, I go with her to the OB-gyne clinic. I was sitting watching the screen of the monitor while the doctor is trying to make the baby spread the legs. When the legs of the baby finally spread, the doctor said “it’s a boy”. The sister and I look at each other and say “okey’. Haha! So, I guess the name of a girl that the sister is preparing will be kept until she will have a baby girl. I jokingly told the sister that can I have the name instead. Haha! And I bet you know what the sister’s answer. She is still hoping to have a baby girl one day. Now that we know the gender of the baby, it is time to buy things for the baby and thinking of the nice name.

The sister wants an M.A initials. Can you give a name of a baby boy with M. A? I would be glad to hear suggested names from you, my readers and visitors.

Beware and Be Aware

Watching television shows and movies/films on DVD/CD is one of the family’s simple bonding at home. We are not fond of going out during weekdays, that is why the brother always bring DVD/CD every Friday and Saturday. When the family is doing this simple bonding, the kids ( four kids to be exact) never miss to sit on the center table. My father (their grandfather) gets angry because he doesn’t want the kids to sit on the table. He is afraid that the glass on the center table will crack and the kids will get hurt. Though he is not wishing it to happen, he is just being cautious.

Where did you get that idea to sit on the center table? The common question that the father asked to his grandchildren every time they are sitting on the center table. He is wondering at first but after seeing his two sons sitting on the center table he already knows the answer to his question. Also, the father does sits on the center table unconsciously. One day, I saw my two brother sitting on the center table, I grabbed my camera and took a photo of them.

See the image I shared above. The image is an evidence that the kids does follow what they saw. If the elders are doing it, the young ones think that it is right doing it. As responsible elders, we have to be aware of our actions because young ones are imitating and following what we are doing. So, beware and be aware.

Visiting the mother’s grave

November 1 and 2 are the days where people commemorates the All Saints and All Souls day. People will go visit their love ones who passed away. And yesterday we visited the mother’s grave. Like the usual, we bring foods at the cemetery and eat lunch there. Having lunch in front of the mother’s grave, feels like we are having lunch with her. Offered prayers and lightning candles. I am pretty sure that my mother is happy wherever she is seeing the whole family spend half day there. Also, some relatives came to visit her grave and the mother’s younger sister. These days are one of the memorable days to me because we get to spend time with the mother. Though her presence is not there, her spirit and love is with us.

Before the sunsets, we left the cemetery. While walking, the brother and his girlfriend suggested to go to the mall. It was a nice idea though since the family seldom go to the mall together. Perfect bonding for the whole family I must say. We had our dinner at the mall. Of course the brother and his girlfriend’s treat. Having dinner at the mall with the whole family is a memorable one. The brother and his girlfriend do treat the family every time they are at the city. The family appreciate it a lot and so touched with this gesture. Every time they are in the city, they see to it that they give some time with the family. Showing that they care and value the family. Thanks to both of you for the treat. May God bless you always!