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Growing so fast

The nephew is growing so fast. He just turns seven months old. He is getting bigger and heavier, but I so love it. I even teach him some tricks, the tricks that he can follow easily. And I am pretty sure what I am talking about because you have taught your kid/s when they were babies. I am so excited to teach him and show to her mother that he learns fast. However, the nephew is not following me. I have been teaching him for two weeks now, and he isn’t following the tricks that I have taught him.

I do understand that he is still young and there is a tendency that he won’t follow what I teach him for his eyes are busy roaming around and touching things that interests him. It is a bit frustrating because I really want him to learn. I guess I am just too excited but the four kids that I have been babysitting before him, learns fast. Well, not all kids are same and I understand that. Maybe the nephew wants to be different from his cousins and older brother. I can wait baby till you follow the tricks I want you to learn.

The 5 months old nephew

It was like yesterday when the nurse brought this little angel in the hospital room where we stayed when the sister gave birth to him. He was so little and so cute. In fact, I am a bit scared to carry him because he was so little. Among the five angels in the family, Andrei is the smallest and the scariest I must say. However, his cuteness surpasses that scared feeling because I really wanted to carry him on my arms. Days, weeks, months pass by and the little Andrei is now on his five months.

Yes, he is five months now and will turn six in the few weeks. He is getting bigger, heavier and bubbly. I took several photos of him smiling. And the photo that I shared here is one of the many smiling pictures that I took. This little angel of the family makes my day less stress even if I am so tired. He smiled at me when I talk to him or even just passing by at him while he is resting on his bouncer. He is the vitamin that I need because he always makes my day enjoyable. In the next few months, he will start climbing and walking. Thinking about it makes me so tired but it is fine because seeing their development each day is a treasure and joy forever.

Happy but sad

Few days ago, my uncle passed away. It was the saddest moment of his family. He was confined in the hospital for days but was not able to recover. I felt sad for my cousins and my aunt because they are not ready yet to accept that their father passed away. They wanted him to fight back but then again, my uncle is too weak to recover. My uncle is 78 years old and lives a wonderful life. Though it is not good to say this, but I think 78 years old isn’t bad at all.

Anyways, the death of their father made their family get together. The cousins who are working in northern area of the country went home. They have worked for years there and seldom see their parents and some siblings who live with their parents in the province. They are happy to see each other again but sad because their father passed away. The absence of their father makes the family stronger. They comforted each other and comforted their sad mother. Death means not seeing that particular person, and it will take time to forget and accept. But if we are to think about the happiest moment when they are around, and thinking that the/she is still there watching us would help us in accepting that, that person is now in the place of our Almighty Father.

Have to bring home presents

Before, every time I go out of the house I always bring the kids with me because no one will look after them. My father does not want me to leave the kids to him because he said he can’t take a nap, which I understand because the kids are so noisy and messy. This is the reason I seldom go out to meet with friends because no one will look after the kids. But now that the two girls are old enough to look after their younger brother, I can go out and have fun meeting with my friends. I enjoyed my life now because I do not have to think of the kids anymore.

I am glad that I can go out when I want to especially during weekend because the nieces will look after their brother, but there is a problem arises. The girls agreed to look after their younger brother provided that I will bring presents for them when I get back home. Arghs! Well, it is better than to bring them with me. I am happy then I can go out without them, but sad because I have to make sure I have something to give to them when I get back home. It is an expenses but it is ok because kids are kids.

My one month old nephew

My one month old nephew is gaining more weight and becoming a bubbly one. I like to carry him and talk to him because he loves to smile every time I talk to him. Even though he can’t see clearly yet, he responds to me through smiling. I am enjoying every second, minutes, hours, days playing with my little nephew. I can’t wait for him to grow, walk, talk and can play with me. I can tell that the other nephew is jealous because he spank his younger brother when I carried and play with his brother. I really love kid/s that’s why I like to spend time with them. Even though where neighbours I missed my bubbly one month old nephew.

Looking at this little fella reminds me of the other nephews and nieces that I babysit for years now. How time really flies so fast, the kids are growing, getting older and now they are five of them that I will love and cherish. Anyways, while this little fella is growing each day, I am enjoying him very much. In few more weeks, his mother will go back to work so he will be under my care. More time to spend with Andrei and more memorable bonding between him and me soon. Things that his mother would miss because seeing their activities and development each day is a treasure.