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Finished with honors

Two days ago was the recognition day of the nieces. We went there to witness the event because the girls finished with honors. Oh yeah! They made it again this year. We thought they will never make it because their examination results are not impressing. But still the girls are making us proud again. We were so happy for the girls’ achievements. I am so proud of the girls because they made it on their own. They really excel in their respective level. Seeing the girls climbing on the stage and receiving their awards/ribbons, brings back the time when I was on the stage and accepting my awards. Oh well, just sharing.

Anyways, as the sister and I rewards to the girls I treat them with sumptuous lunch at the mall. We also let them play to their favorite play house. I can say that they have a wonderful day playing at the playhouse. They deserved it because of the achievements they got. They really make us so proud. Thank you girls for making us so proud of you once again. Way to go and I know you two can do it next school year and for the coming years. Good Job and Congratulations!

To develop reading skills

Not like before, students nowadays are not fond of going to the library to read and do the research. Most likely every time they have assignments a research papers to do, they prefer to search information online. It is fast and easy I must say compared to book opening a book. Using the internet/computer is very easy. They just type the word/s, names, or phrase and the information will be flashing right on front of them. This is the advantage of computer technology. Young ones do not have patience in opening a book to read nowadays. I can see that from my nieces. I wanted to develop their reading skills that is why I will download free audiobooks for them to use. I am sure they would love this tools. This tools will not only develop their reading skills but also their listening skills. I will also download my favorite books to read.

The Girls Scout


The photo I shared here is my nieces on their opening ceremony for three days camping. As you can see, they are happy and excited for the overnight stay at school. Well, it is their first time to attend. They are not bringing any things yet because they will be back home after the ceremony. The three days school camping would be one of these girls memorable and unforgettable event in their childhood life. I am so happy for them because they are able to attend girls scout camping and wear girls scout uniforms. Not like me before, I did not able to because of financial issues. I do not have girls scout uniform then. This is one of my frustration because I so wanted to be attend and wear girls scout uniforms. Anyways, the girls did have a wonderful day that school and enjoyed the experience they had.

Excited for theie school camping

The nieces will be having their girls scout camping at the school this weekend. It is their first time to join and they are very much excited. They will be very busy this weekend and the nine years old will sleep at the school and will be home on Sunday afternoon. They have a list of the things they will used in the activities at school and their personal things to bring. Her parents are checking everything before putting it inside her bag. The seven years old will not stay for the night, only her sister who is nine years old. She is still young and not so attentive to her things that is why her parents are always reminded her to be careful and take good care of her things. Though the niece says yes, I am still worried because kids are kids.

Anyways, I hope the nieces will enjoy their three days girls scout activities at school. I wish that they will learn many things and will develop their self-confidence. Joining camping is one way of making friends and meeting new people. This is what I like when I attended school camping years back. So, to the girls good luck and to your school camping and God bless. Enjoy the moment and at the same time learn new things.

Finished with honors

Once again, my two nieces did make us proud especially their parents. We heard the good news that they finished with honors while having dinner last night. They really did well at school even if it is new to them since they were transferred. They get easily cope up with new way of teaching, new lessons, new environment and new friends. They were confused at first and does not want to participate in the class, but they adjusted well. And now giving the whole family the reason to smile and makes us proud.

Their school recognition will be on the 28th and 30th respectively. I already bought my present to them as I promised to buy them shoes if they finished with honors. And they did! My bad. haha! Well, I guess what I did was a good motivation for them to do better at school to get a present from me. They are good kids I must say for they give me what I want them to get. Congratulations Ronna and Ella, keep up the good works. Long way to go and I am pretty sure that you will reach to the top because I know you can do it. God bless always.