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Moving Up Ceremony

Yesterday was the moving up ceremony of my pre-schooler nephew. It was one of the important days of his life as a student. Though he does not really understand what is happening still we are so proud of him because of the development we have seen in him for the past months. His parents are present at the ceremony. They took a day off yesterday to give time to their son. Also, for them to be able to see how their son participates in their dance presentation. And he dances happily during the presentation. I am the happiest person seeing the nephew’s development.

The nephew got two ribbons during the ceremony. He got most polite and industrious pre-schooler. We did not expect it because the nephew is a bit shy in the class. Well, only the teacher knows of the nephew’s attitude in the class. We are so proud of him. Next school year, he will be in the new school. New people, new surroundings and new friends to meet. I hope that he will continue to show more developments. It is a long way to go for him and I am wishing him the best. Continue to be a good student Andrei. You did well. We love you bunch!

Mental and Ability Skills Examination

Today is the scheduled mental and ability skills examination or non-verbal examination at the school he currently studying. The examination is to determine their skills. Also, to check if he is ready to enrolled in Grade 1 next school opening. The teacher just informed us yesterday. It was an abrupt announcement. We do not know how they are going to test my nephew. His mother (my sister) and my nephew did study basic last night though so the nephew won’t get nervous or for him to have an idea. We just hope for the better result of my nephew’s examination.

When I fetched him from school, I asked the nephew of how was the examination. He is confidently said that it is easy and he easily answered the questions. Yes, I smiled because he did not have a hard time on their examination (hope he is telling the truth).LOL We prayed that the nephew will passed the examination so he can still study at the school he is studying right now. His verbal and written examination (Baseline test) will be on March 4, 2017. Another study lesson with his mother soon. Hopefully he will passed all the test because he is so exited to enroll in grade 1. Good luck nephew. We know you can do it! God bless!

Thank you teachers

Today is the celebration of Teacher’s Day. The day where we give tribute to all the teachers for their job of educating the future generation. It is a noble and tough job I must say for they handle all kinds of kids with different behaviors, also kids with disability. Teachers played very important part in molding the kids into a better person. As they say, teachers are our second parents and school is our second home. And it is right to give them a day of tribute for the job well done. And to make them feel they are loved and we all are thankful for them for teaching, loving and caring us while at school.

Having said that, I want to say my warmest thanks to all the teachers for they have played big part of my life. My mother died when I was nine (9) and I am longing for the love and care of a mother which I find it to all my teachers. I look at them as my own mother. So I strive hard, do better and do all the best that I can so I can achieve my goals and dreams in life. My teachers mold me to become a better person, but of course my family as my inspiration. So, thank you teachers for all the teachings and help. God bless you all!

Happy to see the development

The nephew started schooling at the age of three. He started very young because his mother wants him to be with other kids because he is lack in human interaction. We already brought him to the pediatrician because of his slow development. At his age, he cannot speak well and he can’t do eye to eye contact. My sister (nephew’s mom) is so worried of the behavior of his son. Even if I told her that his son is normal, just that his developments are slow still she is worried. She went to the developmental pediatrician to have his son check up. They already have an appointment but I refused to bring the nephew there. Instead I suggested to enroll the nephew in the nursery class.

It has been three months now since the nephew attending a nursery class. First two months is really difficult but I extended my patience and praying that my nephew will show developments now that he can interact with other kids. Fortunately the nephew shows developments and I am happy to see it. He can communicate to us now and will answer when he asked. I am so glad that he is improving. We do not have to bring him to the developmental pediatrician. I hope that the development and improvement of the nephew will continue so he will be ready when enrolled in kindergarten next year. Way to go nephew I know and believe that you can do it.

Finished with honors

Yesterday was the recognition day of my nephew. The day that we all are waiting for especially his parents. His teacher told me that the nephew has an award. The nephew’s parents took a day off to be with him on his recognition day. I must say they are proud parents. The nephew finished with honors plus four (4) more merits for doing well at school. I am so proud of the nephew because I did not expect that he really did well. Well, he has good scores in every examinations but not expecting that he is good in class participation too.

I will like to extend my congratulations to my nephew for the job well done. Long way to go and I am sure that you have a bright future. Keep up the good works and continue doing well at school. Next school year will be another challenge for you. I pray that you really pass the entrance examination in the new school that you mother wanted you to study. Anyways, because of the awards that the nephew got, his mother bought him new toys as a reward. And he is the happiest kid I have ever seen on that day seeing the gifts he got from his mom. Again, Congratulations nephew!