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Little thing for myself

When I started blogging, it is become a habit for me to buy something for myself every month. It is my way of pampering myself for working so hard. I do not mind if it is cheaper as long as I have an investment after receiving my monthly earning. However, when my blogging earning is very slow I stopped this habit because I opted to save the money I earned so that when rainy days comes, I have something in my wallet. My priority is to save money for my internet bill every month. I missed buying something for myself though but I have to refrain myself from doing it.

It is really true that promises are made to be broken, because I broke my promise not to buy things that is not important. I broke my promised to save than to spend. Well, I just thought of giving myself a little pampering. It has been a while since the last time I did it. Anyways, I bought myself a bracelet. It is not so expensive though but it feels so good to buy something from the money I earned. And I deserved to pamper myself sometimes. Forgive me for violating my promise. I will try my hardest to stop myself from doing it again for the time being. When blogging career picks up, I can have this habit back.

Big thanks to you cousin

 photo 87ad6793-0549-4880-9e93-7db061a633c9_zpscceed3c6.jpg

I have shared here the cell phone that my dearest cousin made for me but I can’t have it anymore since my old phone is in my brother’s care. Still she gave it to me and I hand it down to my niece. The cousin did promise to me that she will make a new one. I am a bit shy because knitting a cell phone bag is not easy. I have tried it before but I do not have enough patience to do it. I guess it is too delicate and complicated. The things that I do not have when it comes to knitting.

Anyways, last week my so kind cousin gave to me the cell phone bag that she promised. I am so happy because she did give time to finish it even if she is busy at work and at their home. My happiness was doubled because the color of the cell phone bag is pink, my favorite color. I guess she felt that pink is my favorite color. Big thanks to my dearest cousin for the beautiful cell phone bag that you gave to me. I pray that more blessings will come your way and God bless you and your family always!

Do you like my cell phone bag and want to have one too? Just tell me and I will let my cousin know. For sure we will give you discounts.

Thanks for the cellphone bag

 photo 15dac169-9a43-4309-ae0e-a676fc3c726d_zpsfc100939.jpgBack when we are in high school, I already noticed that my cousin has a talent. She can draw well, cross-titch and knitting. Doing these things takes a lot of patience because cross-stitching and knitting take time to finish one. I have tried cross-stitching and I am suffering from back pain and my eyes become teary. I stopped cross-stitching because of these reason however, I have finished four already. It is already and achievement. My cousin continues doing cross-stitching it and he has finished more than 10 already. Now, she is addicted to knitting. She made cellphone bag, shoulder bag for her nieces, and sling bag for her sister. I have seen her finished products and it is really nice.

My cousin widens her knowledge in knitting from watching tutorials online. She said it does really helps because she learns more style and designs. I asked her to make one for me since I do not have cellphone bag. I am glad she agreed. Yesterday, I got the cellphone bag she made for me. Though it looks simple but I know it is difficult to do it. Unfortunately it does not fit to my cellphone. Still she gives it to me and I passed it to my niece. I am not sad at all because she promised to make a bigger one for me. Thanks cousin for this cellphone bag.

Want to order cellphone bag?? Just contact me and I will tell my cousin.

Missed the ring of my late mother

When my mother passed away, my father gave to my sister the only ring that my late mother have. It is a ring given to her by my late grandmother. I feel so jealous because I want to have the ring too but my father give it to my older sister. I am a bit angry to my sister but realized that it is not her fault. I just wish that I was born before her so I can have the ring of my mother. Unfortunately, the ring was lost. It was slipped in my sister’s finger. We tried it to find but we are not able too. Anyways, the rings that I saw from this site reminds me of the mother’s ring that was lost. I saw one that is similar to my mother’s ring. Seeing the same ring makes me missed the ring of my late mother. If I have extra I would surely by the ring for myself.

The brother’s new watch

After 15 years in the company, the brother receives a loyalty award. His company gave him a wrist watch a month ago. He was the happiest person in the world I must say because his effort and the years of working in the company is being appreciated. The watch is really nice, too bad I cannot have it because it is a men’s watch. It is to big for me and the design doesn’t fit to me. I really like his watch so I search online to see if there is any available watches for women. I am so glad of what I found it here. I found the same watch with my brother and they have one for women. Guess I have to start saving now to get the watch that I so wanted. Good luck to me.