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Our Christmas Tree is Up

If I were to decide, I would not want to put up the Christmas tree. The Christmas tree last year fell so many times because of the kids. They are not contented by just looking at it. They wanted to touch it and grab the Christmas balls. I have to be alert always to keep the safety of the tree. Funny is that the kids are watching me, and if I am not looking they will touch and grab it again. Kids are kids, the more you tell them not to touch it, the more they’ll get curious. If the tree could talk, it will probably say enough. LOL

But because the kids are bugging me almost everyday, I decided to put up the Christmas tree yesterday. They are get jealous of the decorations, the Christmas tree and lights at the neighbors house. It took me three hours to make it done because the nephews (ages 2 and 4) are also too busy playing with the Christmas balls and asking me lots of whys. They keep me busy putting the Christmas tree and answering their out of nowhere questions.haha! These two gremlins always makes my day exciting and colorful. But I do love their curiosity always. Don’t grow up so fast kiddos.

Ornaments to put on our Christmas tree

A week ago, I decided to put the Christmas tree in the living room and the Christmas lights outside the house because the kids are bugging me. They got so excited after seeing Christmas decorations at the mall. My original plan was to buy new decorations/ornaments first before putting up the Christmas tree; however, I did not able to because of the kids. Out Christmas tree is up now but looks so bare because I do not have much decorations/ornaments yet. Since the Christmas tree is up now, I have to make time to visit dept 56 christmas in the city to buy ornaments to put on our Christmas tree. I cannot wait so see the look of our Christmas tree after putting the new decorations/ornaments. I am pretty sure that the kids would love to watch our Christmas tree.

Early gift from the sister

The sister always told me that she will be giving something for me this Christmas. As her way of saying thank you from the favour I did to her. Well, if you did not know I babysit the sister’s son since she does not have a babysitter. I am not expecting something in return because I do it out of love. We are family and family does helping each other, right? I am extending my hands to any of my family member to help if I could. It is always a good feeling to be able to help.

Anyways, the sister already given the gift she told me to give to me. As expected, she did give me the one that I wanted to have. It is not in kind because the sister knows I have something that I wanted to buy. That gives her an idea to give me cash instead of kind. Awesome! In fact she did give extra. How is that? Indeed my sister is a kind and giving sister as always. Thanks sister for the gift. Love you much!

How about you? Did you receive an early gift/s too? What is it? Mind to share? Or did you give early Christmas gift/s?

Do you give gifts?

Woot! Woot! The month of December sets in. I can really feel the Christmas season, the cold blowing of the wind, the Christmas decorations on the streets, malls, houses, schools and other establishments. Also, the malls and other department stores are so busy because shoppers are doing early Christmas shopping. Indeed, this particular month makes the people spent a lot. Agree? Yes, very much! Even I spent a bit during this season. It is because I like to give gifts to my love ones and people who are dear to me.

I believe in the saying that “It is better to give than to receive.” I am trying to follow this saying, even in my simple ways. The reason I am mentioning about giving gifts this Christmas season because I love to give gifts. It is my way of sharing the blessings that I have received from up above. Giving of gifts is like sharing my blessings to others. Besides, Christmas is the season of sharing and giving.

Anyways, do you give gifts during this time of the year? Why do you give gifts? Do you give and expect something in return? If you’re giving gifts, how is your shopping so far?

Christmas in the Hospital…

I have seen people spending their Christmas eve in the hospital. I was thinking what does it feel to be in there?  instead of having fun in the house they are in the hospital for different reasons. 

Yesterday morning after the morning mass, my sister asked me to accompany her doing her morning routine.  She is expecting a baby this month and she is doing the walking every morning for her exercise.  While walking we are talking about what foods to cook in the preparation for the Christmas eve.  After our walking she said, she will gave birth today.  I laughed because  thought she is just joking. After the walking, the pain continues until we decided to bring her to the hospital yesterday night.
I never thought my question is answered on that day.  Yes, we celebrate Christmas here in the hospital.  I now know the feeling of being here.  Only me, my brother-in-law and m sister.  It is so quiet Christmas eve for me.  I was in the room waiting for my sister because she is in the delivery room.  Though it is a different Christmas for me, it is worth it because I am waiting for the little angel that will soon see the beauty of the world.  It is indeed a wonderful gift for the family this year and this Christmas day.  Our reason of being here is different from other patient and I am so thankful to God.  Merry Christmas everyone,!